What I really really want..

I’ve been asked many a time, what is the one thing you would want if you had a choice. And I’ve always struggled to figure out what I want.

It’s only when I have to answer that, that I realise that I don’t really want for anything. I’m quite a satisfied being in that sense. Happy with what I have.

That wouldn’t be entirely true. There is one thing I guess I’ve always wanted. I’ve always wanted to have a library at home. As far back as I can cast my memory. Books have been part of my memories. I remember being quite jealous of my cousins who owned some ladybird books. The kind they would read to us from school. Those days I didn’t own them. My mum and dad would tell me loads of stories but I didn’t own those exotic books. Until my granddad gifted me one. I still remember the name of that book, I just have been five then. I can’t recount how excited and happy I was.

All through my childhood, books were always my favourite things. That’s all I ever wanted for gifts. And there was a time when I even wanted to be a librarian. I couldn’t imagine a cooler job.

Of course that never materialised.. Neither did my dream of having a library. Some of my books are packed away in our flat in Bangalore, some are in Wayanad in my parents’ place and some here. I don’t have too much here. Just a few. Even those have become homeless because Daughter decided that her books needed the entire bookshelf. Can’t really blame her as it is rather full.

I always had plans to have a section exclusively for books when we live in our own place. Now finally we are living in a house of our own, after 14 years since we bought our first property. That must be a record of some sort. So as I was saying, Daughter chucked out my books from ‘her bookshelf’, so I was forced to look for alternatives.



I’ve had to find makeshift places to store them, until I find some nice bookshelves to fix up.

It also drives home the fact that I’ve not been buying many proper books in the recent past. But whenever I read a proper book, it is so much more fun. Maybe I should buy that book shelf and get rid of the Kindle.

What do you say?

18 thoughts on “What I really really want..

  1. You meant to say ‘proper’ books or was it a typo for ‘paper’? 😉 Jokes aside, although I love my kindle, I think I know what you mean by having a library. I started collecting books in Hyderabad and had to find foster homes for them cos we moved. So, if you ask me, I’d say go for it. There is nothing more satiating than having a library at home! 🙂

    • I did want to say proper books. I love my kindle but proper books are proper books 🙂

      I’ve earmarked a room, but we need to do some home improvements before I can make it my library. Which we can only do in 2017:( Until then I’ll just have to make so with nooks and crannies of books

  2. Being surrounded by books .. such a dream it is. I share your dream. In a way, the place I live in is 75 percent filled with books. I’ve always wanted a room for books, from ceiling to floor, like a few reference rooms in some libraries.. a table in the centre, a carpet may be. a few pillows.. cosy window ledges.. to curl up and read.. I have this feeling of some kind of bookish satisfaction when I see books stacked on some of the reading apps.. the joy of stacked books 🙂

    • Joy oh joy! How I would love that,Pins!! I’ve relocated so much that my books are not all here 😦 But I’m buying them again now. After ages of buying kindle books most of the time.

  3. There are some interesting books on your shelf! 🙂 Yes, yes, totally go for the bookshelf! I find I am tired when I read a couple of books on the Kindle – the side effects of screen time, maybe? Reading a paper book is always much more enjoyable and relaxing, but it comes with its own limitations, for me. 😀 I can’t read paper books in bed without the light on, after Bubboo is asleep! And on a holiday, a Kindle works infinitely better. So, it is going to be a mix of both for me – maybe a couple of paper books after a couple of Kindle books. 🙂

  4. I have always hoped of having a well organised library at home, where I’d love to re-read books and not just keep on adding new ones. Somehow, when we had our new home built, things didn’t quite shape that way, but still, I have kept a huge space (almost free) for this purpose and just like you I hope to have all my favorite books arranged there like a library someday.
    So I am totally with you in the love for books & paper books at that 😀

  5. I know! My dream too! My books are sadly dumped in a box. Almost all the rooms in our house have books. When we decide to buy I house, am keeping aside a room for library (happy dreaming) 🙂 I know what you mean about physical books. Kindle is good but then in my mind when I try to recall some plot from a past book, they run over into each other. But that doesn’t happen with physical books. There must be something about hand mind coordination, connection thing.

    Congratulations on buying your house!

    • Maddie, We have that too – books in every room. Every surface has a book 🙂 Between daughter and me, we cover the whole house with books 🙂
      The house was just bought because we got tired of paying rent. We’ve been renting here for the past 11 years. We kept thinking we would go back to India.. Now I think we’ve resigned to the fact that it might not be possible; hence the house.

  6. We assembled our bookshelf earlier in 2015 and it stands proudly in the living room! I love the shelf and I know it’s not gonna be enough as the years go by 😀

    • I’ve got to get another bookshelf. I’ve not been buying much in the last few years, would pick up from the library, or buy kindle books. But now that we’ve bought a house, would be silly not to buy books 🙂 Have to find that perfect bookshelf now. Until I create my library 🙂

  7. I will say lucky who get to read ..I am struggling So.much to find time .. just don’t have enough hours in the day..

    But one thing is for sure I love to hold a “proper” book and read..

  8. I so agree with you that only lucky people get to be librarians. Wonder why the profession does not appear on too many people’s wishlist! Best of luck on your library project. I have just made my library in a makeshift balcony which I have oh so badly wanted since the past 8 years, and now it is my most favorite place in the whole world. Hope yours happens fast!

  9. I would vote for a book-shelf any day! 😀
    and to have a library of my own is my dream too; when I was reading your post the first part (the first four paragraphs) felt like I was reading my own thoughts 🙂

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