What I really really want..

I’ve been asked many a time, what is the one thing you would want if you had a choice. And I’ve always struggled to figure out what I want.

It’s only when I have to answer that, that I realise that I don’t really want for anything. I’m quite a satisfied being in that sense. Happy with what I have.

That wouldn’t be entirely true. There is one thing I guess I’ve always wanted. I’ve always wanted to have a library at home. As far back as I can cast my memory. Books have been part of my memories. I remember being quite jealous of my cousins who owned some ladybird books. The kind they would read to us from school. Those days I didn’t own them. My mum and dad would tell me loads of stories but I didn’t own those exotic books. Until my granddad gifted me one. I still remember the name of that book, I just have been five then. I can’t recount how excited and happy I was.

All through my childhood, books were always my favourite things. That’s all I ever wanted for gifts. And there was a time when I even wanted to be a librarian. I couldn’t imagine a cooler job.

Of course that never materialised.. Neither did my dream of having a library. Some of my books are packed away in our flat in Bangalore, some are in Wayanad in my parents’ place and some here. I don’t have too much here. Just a few. Even those have become homeless because Daughter decided that her books needed the entire bookshelf. Can’t really blame her as it is rather full.

I always had plans to have a section exclusively for books when we live in our own place. Now finally we are living in a house of our own, after 14 years since we bought our first property. That must be a record of some sort. So as I was saying, Daughter chucked out my books from ‘her bookshelf’, so I was forced to look for alternatives.



I’ve had to find makeshift places to store them, until I find some nice bookshelves to fix up.

It also drives home the fact that I’ve not been buying many proper books in the recent past. But whenever I read a proper book, it is so much more fun. Maybe I should buy that book shelf and get rid of the Kindle.

What do you say?