The Birthday Post

This is the very first birthday post. I don’t do birthday posts ( my birthday posts , that is). I don’t know why but I’m very private that way. And that reflects in the blog as well.

It was my birthday today. It was wasn’t a day I planned to celebrate or was even looking forward to. I didn’t want to think of a birthday where my mum wouldn’t be around. My dad calls her his calendar. She used to remember every body’s birthday, anniversaries, etc. Towards the end when she couldn’t talk, she would just get my dad to do all the calling, but her mind, sharp as ever would still be working at it’s furious pace. I couldn’t imagine or face a birthday without her in this world.

So today was supposed to be just a regular day. Being a weekday, right in the middle of the week, helped.

However, I woke up to messages on whatsapp from friends and family. Lovely presents from husband, my dad and daughter. Husband got me something that absolutely perfect. I’ve never had a gift I want more. And I didn’t realise how much I needed it until I got it.

I thought I’d turned off the birthday notification on FB, but it had got turned on again. Wonder if daughter has been playing with stuff on the phone. I had planned to keep it low at work but people knew and I got some lovely messages and had an absolutely lovely time at work.

For a day which I wasn’t looking forward to, I have to say, I’ve never felt more pampered and loved…

29 thoughts on “The Birthday Post

  1. Happy happy birthday smitha. . Many happy returns of the day. .

    Well you will be sharing your birthday with my nephew .. He was born today at 7am.. so I will remembers yours toooo from now on..

    Keep my piece of cake..

  2. Happy birthday Smitha.. Glad to know that you were showered with so much love on your special day. Amma will always be with you blessing you and your family..

  3. Happy Birthday Smitha! Glad you had a great day. Missing your posts here..but with the job and all can imagine how hectic it must be. And curious to know what gifts you got. Need to nudge and shove my husband for a gift 😀

    • I got some lovely little things, flowers, and a fantastic pamper day from husband. I so so need it. I just need to find a day I can take off from work to enjoy it now 🙂

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