Notes on a wet Sunday evening…

Third day of the challenge and I’m already struggling. And this on a Sunday, not even a weekday. It doesn’t help that we had a super hectic Sunday.

We ended up on an impromptu trip to Manchester. It was all down to a laptop. We had ordered a laptop for my dad and when it arrived last week, it wasn’t quite what we wanted. So I started searching online and zeroed in on a laptop that felt perfect. It had just one problem, it was only available in Lemington Spa. And was not available for home delivery either. We had to click and collect. It was New Year’s Eve and shops closed early and we had no option but to wait. Friday, I wasn’t well, Saturday, we had family visiting and when we checked for the laptop on Saturday night, the only place it was available for collection was in Manchester; hence the impromptu plan.

We set off, on a very, very rainy day. Ever since my dad’s come, it’s been pouring. Although I have to say, I’m just glad that it’s not unbearably cold or snowing. That would have been truly horrendous. We’ve not taken him anywhere at all, a combination of daughter being busy on the weekends and the bad weather. Given that we were traveling all the way to Manchester, it made sense to do something more as well. With the weather being as lovely as it was, the only realistic option were the museums. We decided In the Museum of Science and Industry. It seemed to have the best reviews. I have to say, the museums in this country are yet to disappoint me. They are so always Interesting.

The day flew by before we knew it. Good food, a new laptop plus a lot of interesting tidbits of information about the scientific advancements made in the last few centuries and fascinating facts about the industrial revolution at the museum. We even walked through a reconstructed sewer. I know, I know, I must lead a sad life if I get excited by a sewer 🙂

And here’s the sewer we walked through 🙂

A Sunday well spent. Not quite looking forward to working tomorrow. While I didn’t have any time off, the last two weeks have been so festive and fun. We had Christmas fun, secret Santas, truck loads of chocolate and a half empty office. Tomorrow, it’s all back to normal programming, not really looking forward to it.

So what did you guys do? Did the weather gods smile at you? Are you going back to work after a Christmas break?

5 thoughts on “Notes on a wet Sunday evening…

  1. You do lead an interesting life, come on! You must see my life! 😛

    I am always at awe of the number of things there are to do and see and explore in the UK. Some day, we would love to do all of them personally. 🙂

    • Oh no! We haven’t even stepped out for months. This was after ages. The last year has been just not right in so many ways. My mum’s illness, house move, work,etc. It been a very mundane existence here 🙂

  2. How was XMas and New Year for me? The husband has been travelling off and on, and the MIL hasn’t been well – she was hospitalised for viral fever. We’ve been shuffling between her place and mine, which is about 25 km one way, and been having a stressful time in general. The weather has been nice and chilly, but this time, it hasn’t felt like festive season at all. 😦 The only good thing is that there hasn’t been much to do at work – I took up part-time work late last year! – so have mostly been home spending time with Bubboo. More stressful times in the days to come anticipated. 😐 We did have a good New Year’s day, though – had a lovely Asian lunch. New Year’s eve, we just bundled up and went to sleep. 😛

    • Oh oh. Hope she’s better now? The traveling must have taken a toll on you all. I’ve been ill as well, thankfully nobody else at home caught it from me. The weather here has been quite warm but very very wet. Very unchristmassy.

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