Welcome 2016

Another year comes to an end. 2016 is here. Time seems to be flying just too fast these days.

2015 has been a year that has tested me like no other year. It’s been heart breaking, ‘pulled me in five different directions’ tough, the year which I will always remember as the year I lost my mother.

For a year with so much sadness, it has also had it’s highs, although they fade away in front on the lows, but still.

2016, what ever you might bring, please bring me the courage to face it all.  May we have the strength to pick up the pieces and move on.

Here’s to 2016, bring on everything, the sadness, the joys, the highs and the lows. Here’s to facing it with grace and having fun where we can!

On a completely different note, as has been tradition for the last few years, I’m joining the blog marathon again this year. I must be mad. I know I say this every year, but this year is extra busy. And this has been the most impulsive decision to join so far. When Maya asked, I couldn’t resist. I normally give it more thought. I do think I would have backed out if I thought any more. All the best to my fellow ‘marathoners’.

30 thoughts on “Welcome 2016

  1. Been off the blog world in 2015 and just when I read through your posts of 2015 I read about your terrible loss.
    Sending loads of love, courage and positivity to make 2016 a happier and peaceful year for you.

    • Thanks TGND, I do know that it’s going to be tough. Esp since I’ve got so much lined up in January. Sigh, but couldn’t resist joining in the marathon.

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