Day 24: Guest Post – A book by Daughter

We have a budding writer in our family. Daughter. She has been writing books, chapters and all. Me, being the lazy me, haven’t typed it out to showcase her writing. Today, she has been adding a new book to the popular ‘Malory Towers’ series by Enid Blyton.Here is what she has written so far. Β So over to her.

Bluebell at Malory Towers

Chapter 1: New Arrivals

“Come on, Come on”, shrieked Felicity Rivers to her best friend Susan while running to the Malory Towers train.

“The train is here!”

Susan said, ” I can’t wait to back and see June, Freddie, Nora, Pam and everybody else.”

“I wonder if we have any new girls in our form this term”, said Felicity.

Suddenly two very familiar figures leapt out of the train. It was June and Freddie.

” Seen any new girls?”, calls Susan to June.

“Sure have,” said June grinning, ” Meet Bluebell and her twin sister Buttercup”, and out came the twins, one gracefully, the other leaping out enthusiastically.

“This is Felicity and Susan,” said Freddie to the twins.

To be Continued….

P.S. She has also created a ‘cover’ but refuses to let me photograph it.

22 thoughts on “Day 24: Guest Post – A book by Daughter

  1. Wow, Smits, she writes so well! Just WOW! Tight hugs to the budding writer. So proud of her πŸ™‚

    Eagerly waiting to read the next part. Loved the way she characterized the twins..”one gracefully, the other leaping out enthusiastically.”

    Keep writing, sweetheart!

  2. This is just wonderful. Do tell her I love the names – Buttercup and Bluebell. And she’s giving them character already. Impressive! Actually we should have a place for showcasing what the kids write. Some children of my book club came up with a wonderful story last week – cover and all. But the thing is how should we share it. Feeling a bit lost on this. Any ideas?

    • Oh Thank you! I told her those names sounded like names of cows! I know, mean me! I was thinking of posting here.. You could create a blog for your book club kids, perhaps?

  3. Smithu…you better move your ass and start working out and visit the parlor regularly. You don’t want to be photographed as that really old mother of our future famous author, do you? Much to Ms. Awesomeness πŸ™‚

  4. She is really good Smithu….make her write more !
    How reading books does wonders in a child’s development, right ?? You’ve done a great job as a mom Smitha and you are reaping the rewards of a book-worm πŸ™‚ Hugs to the little one πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Uma! I’m so glad she has taken to writing. Its also the school. They encourage writing, some of her friends are writing too. They are taught techniques and stuff which she recognizes while reading and tries to incorporate into her writing. So I really can’t take much credit πŸ™‚

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