Day 23: A Govt of ‘Ram Bhakts’

I haven’t written about politics much recently. More often than not, by the time I read something, it is already old news.

Today, husband was watching the news and I saw this news being aired.

Apparently this is the logic for commissioning this road.

According to the epic “Ramayana”, Lord Rama took this route to reach the Chitrakoot forest to serve an exile of fourteen years after abandoning his claim to Kosala’s throne. 

This is a government of ‘Ram bhakts’, government of those who shout ‘Jai Shri Ram’ slogans. Hence I promise you that Ram Van Gaman Marg will also be upgraded to a national highway

I was gobsmacked. So we now have a government of ‘Ram Bhakts’! And not just that, we will build roads based on a religious text. So many things wrong with this!

Why would you bring religion so blatantly into policy making? Surely making roads should be based on need of the moment and not to satisfy some religious sentiments. Make roads, we all know that there are plenty of roads that are crying out for being made/repaired, but why, why, why add a religious angle to it?

Secondly, why would you say something being a ‘govt of Ram Bhakts’, or of people who shout ‘Jai Shri Ram’ when we are a secular country. I wonder how it feels to people of other faiths when my blood boils, despite the fact that I am a Hindu by faith. And even being a Hindu doesn’t make you an automatic ‘Ram Bhakt’! But some people will never understand this!

Thirdly, it worries me. Like Maya said in this post. It is worrying that this govt seems to be turning a blind eye to so many ‘fringe elements’, be it people demanding bans of books or people asking Hindu women to have 4 children. The fact that these so called fringe elements seem to have become empowered to come out and speak with authority is worrying, at least for me.

At least if it had been just the fringe elements, it would have been tolerable, but today it is a Union Minister, who says this. This for me, has reached a whole new level.


5 thoughts on “Day 23: A Govt of ‘Ram Bhakts’

  1. well well well what can i say .. fanaticism is bad .. look what is happening in the other religion.. I wonder when these people will start to work like them ..

    it is ridiculous..

  2. You spoke my mind Smitha 😦 We all had hoped for the new government.. Not only that the things have remained the same but in some ways we are going backwards in development. Sigh.

  3. The state of being ridiculous hits a new high with those Ram Bhakt alienating other communities. Politics and religion are never the sides of the same coin and we are treading on dangerous path.

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