Day 22: Morning madness

I tell you, I could write a book based on all my adventures in the morning.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I am a morning person. I like waking up early and morning is the time I feel most active. Mornings, funnily enough are also the time that I end doing the silliest of things.

My weeks start off quite well organized. I would have ironed most (do notice, I say most, not all) of my clothes, most of daughter’s uniforms, I might even have managed to pack a lunch. I don’t normally take lunch with me neither does daughter. On some days she doesn’t like the school lunch menu, so I pack a lunch box for her. But most days, we don’t carry lunch. I would like to, but we don’t have a microwave at work (health and safety, apparently!). If I have to eat cold food, I prefer to step out and get something from a nice lunch place. Some days, when I am inspired, I do take a sandwich, or a nice salad, but it’s very, very rare. Only of I’m really feeling inspired or if I’ve got back to back meetings and no time for lunch.  Some days, I’ve also done stupid things like forgetting my lunch at home! Which is really annoying, because the only reason I had packed lunch was that I knew I had a packed schedule.

So on one such morning. It was a mid week morning, I had clothes ironed for that day, but not for the rest of the week. I had packed lunch for daughter, packed a sandwich for myself. I had woken up feeling extremely tired, probably one of those days when I didn’t have a good night’s sleep. So by the time all this got done, I was running the slight risk of being late. I had got dressed and when I looked at myself in the mirror,  a haggard old woman stared back. Skin looked lifeless, dark circles under the eyes.. hair, well hair is always messy, so can’t use that. As a last minute damage control, I dug out a forgotten bottle of foundation. Now, those who have met me, will vouch for the fact that I’m not a ‘dresser-up’. The max I do is use a lipstick. And sometimes a foundation. Mostly days like this when I’m in disaster control mode.

So. As I was saying, I dug out the bottle of foundation, used so long ago, that I had to struggle to get it to open. Finally, I managed to get out a small quantity of the liquid and smoothed it on my skin as best as I could. All this with one eye on the clock. I wasn’t realy behind schedule until then. We had about five minutes to get out of the door. And then if the car was not frozen, I would be off in a minute or so. If the car was frozen, that would add more than a few minutes to my timeline. So I was rushing to make sure that we leave on time when I glanced down at my trousers and noticed that while wrestling with that bottle of foundation, I had managed to spill some on my black trousers. Wiping off made no difference. No, that’s not true, it made it worse. All I could do is change. As I hunted around to find myself another pair of trousers, I realized that everything else needed to be ironed. I managed to find a skirt but then realized that I couldn’t find tights that looked decent. One thing after another.

It was a while by the time I could find everything I needed. Daughter stood there with a worried look on her face, exasperated that her mum had managed to delay things again.

It was 15 minutes later that we managed to step out. 15 minutes make a lot of difference. From almost empty roads to long queues of cars. That day, it was worse. It was an icy day. All I could do was wait. Wait for the car to get defrosted, and then wait in the long queue in the roads.

By the time I reached work, I was late. Daughter, thankfully, was on time, but I wasn’t so lucky.


7 thoughts on “Day 22: Morning madness

  1. Thankfully I dont have to do that to my PRETTY BEAUTIFUL face 🙂 he he he but beleive me I stil l get late …

    Why have they started all these road works all at the same time .. around the city haaaan

  2. This has happened to me as well Smitha. I dropped a bottle of eye liner.. sigh. And then finding another dress all over again. My mornings are always very mad, no matter how early I get up.


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