Day 21: Snow No Show

We were supposed to be snowed in today. Heavy snow was the forecast. Last evening when we were getting back home from work, we thought it had already started.

Beautiful large snowflakes were coming down. It looked beautiful. What is it about snow that looks so beautiful, that you forget the chaos it brings! Daughter was jubilant. She had been waiting for a proper snow for ages. She even told the snow, ‘Oh Snowy, It’s been three years since I saw you. Please don’t stop!’ Even I felt a tiny bit excited at the prospect of snow-covered everything.

But stop it did. Much to daughter’s disappointment. We got a dusting of snow, which was soon washed away by the sleet and the rain. ‘Why couldn’t we live in a place like Leeds where it snowed so much!’!, is what Daughter wants to know. And this morning, instead of waking up to a snow covered morning, I’ve woken up to a rain drenched morning.

I have to say, even I am a tiny bit disappointed. Rain isn’t the most exciting of weather where we live! Also annoyed that I lugged my laptop home yesterday (in case it snowed and I was stuck at home) and now I’m going to have to lug it back! At least the car doesn’t look like it’s frozen. Small mercies, I suppose.

How’s the weather at your end ?


8 thoughts on “Day 21: Snow No Show

  1. You know I am about to leave for work..and yeah small mercies had it been as bad as the met office said..I would have been already on road..

    I have to be in London for this special training with all the stuff going on.. I am sure you have heard it all. .

    So for a change I think phew www no snow..

    Sorry you have to lug your laptop bag and so sorry to the little one..but don’t worry the met office is not wrong all the time..still 2 days to go a cording to them..might come heavy tomorrow or day after. .

    Have a good day and gooooooood morning

    • You must be so relieved that it didn’t snow today. It would have been an absolute nightmare for you otherwise.

      I’m not too disappointed, to be honest, and I’ll be perfectly happy if it doesn’t snow at all. Daughter, on the other hand might be a wee bit more disappointed πŸ™‚

  2. I love the snow as much as I hate the following icy day.. All good comes with a bad too 😦
    I went for a walk last weekend and came back half way for the fear of skidding in black ice.. I actually skid couple of times but managed to balance.. horrible I say..
    Hope the little one gets to see snow soon..

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