Day 18: Of Jiggling Tummies and Irresistible food

I’ve mentioned something about how much weight I’ve put on.

The holiday season has wrecked havoc on my waistline, which was not in great shape to start with, in any case. So when I saw the scales tip at 58.6 kgs, I almost cried. I have never weighed so much before. At least not in the recent past.

I knew I’ve been eating badly (cakes, doughnuts, samosas, pizzas, hardly surprising!) but it wasn’t unless I had that jiggling belly episode that I completely panicked. You see, one day over the holidays, inspired by husband using the treadmill everyday, I got on it too. Much to my horror, as I ran, I could feel my tummy jiggling. Horror of horrors! My mirror had been lying to me all this while! I had an inkling that my mirror did make me look thinner than I was, but this was just too much! If had any further doubts, it was soon removed when I went and picked up clothes at the boxing day sales. I wasn’t fitting into my usual size. Couldn’t ask for more proof could I?

It was time for some drastic action . I am not capable of taking drastic action when it comes to controlling weight, but something needed to be done.

I had a plan in place. I would do a spot of stretches and Pilates in the morning at 5:30 and would get on the treadmill in the evenings after work. I also had plans of taking lunch with me to avoid the temptation of picking up unhealthy stuff from outside. It worked. For a day. The first day after the holidays, I took my lunch in, exercised in the morning and did a 20 minute season on the treadmill. As per plan. First day checked off.

On the next day, I exercised in the morning, didn’t have the time to pack lunch and missed my evening treadmill plan because I was exhausted. Then on, it’s been all downhill. The only thing I’ve managed to stick by is the rule of no sweets. Until yesterday. Today, I’ve gone and dumped that rule too. I’ve been enticed by these!


There’s only so much a girl can resist!


25 thoughts on “Day 18: Of Jiggling Tummies and Irresistible food

  1. Its so difficut to resist such temptations…. Just so that I can avoid these delicious sights, I try to avoid the bakery section of most super markets !! But you can only do it for so long 🙂

    • I’m so easily tempted! I haven’t baked for a few weeks now, to avoid temptation, I’ve got dried fruits and nuts at work to ward off evil chocolate calling out my name 🙂 But I finally caved in!

  2. 58.6 what tt is that it.. nooooooo.. Two of you can come out of me..

    Oh god this puts me to shame now.. I need to go and start running right now for a year to get down to what you weigh. .

    But heyyyy I want those biscuits tooo yummyliscious

  3. I never had them…have to try.

    Mine too weight has been a big issue. ..I don’t eat much junk but lack of exercise is showing on my tummy and other parts if the body….

  4. jiggling belly…..I get you completely. Even I am now in damage-control mode. As ‘drastic’ actions are hardly doable for me, I am taking lil’ steps towards achieving my goal like – taking the steps instead of the lift (I live in the 5th floor), controlling the portions I eat, early dinner, etc. Lets see how I fare :/

  5. Oh….I need to move my butt and exercise too….but keep procrastinating at that !!
    Thankfully, I am off sweets, especially sugar. Thats helping 🙂

    • Lol!! Stop eating S’s Macaroons!!! Hugs to him! Daughter will sympathise, she constantly worries that Daddy will eat her share of stuff. She has a tiny bit more confidence in me, thankfully:)

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