Day 16: Saying it with pictures

I’m late in posting today. Busy day, long day. It’s only now at 9:30 at night that I’ve had a chance to relax.

Daughter is at a sleep over, and I’m trying to read and watch a movie husband is trying to get me to watch.

It’s while watching that, that it suddenly dawns on me that I’ve completely forgotten to post today. Not good at all. I had a few ideas floating about in my head, but all that requires sitting down and thinking it through. Which I have no time or inclination for on a Friday evening. So let me do the only thing I can do. Ramble. Aimlessly.

And to break it up, let me post some pictures from our new years trip to London. Just mobile pics. I’m still to download pictures from the cameras.



And one, special one for Smita.


Saks, I tried to get one of Depp for you, but it was just too crowded. People were almost draping themselves over him as if he were the real one 🙂

That’s today’s post sorted. Now I’m off to watch that movie.


11 thoughts on “Day 16: Saying it with pictures

  1. I am sure they must be having quite a lot of statues of Depp hidden somewhere to replace every single one that melts due to all those females hugging and draping over him! I am waiting to drape myself on the real one 😉

    • Haha! Yes, yes, that’s quite a possibility! Of course, why would you drape yourself over a wax one! I burst out laughing when I saw a girl running her hands over Hrithik Roshan’s bare chest. Daughter saw it too, and went,’Ewww, That’s disgusting! She’s touching that naked man!’

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