Day11: Self Control

Daughter is one of the persons who is amazing at self-control.

She never does things in excess. Actually, let me correct that, the only thing that she does a lot of, it is reading.

She’s very controlled about what she eats. The other day, she had been to a birthday party, and had pizza. The next day, we had friends over and I was wondering if I should get some pizza for the kids, just in case, and she goes, ‘No, no Amma, that’s just too much junk for me, remember, I had pizza today?’.

She’s the same with sweets and cakes. If I bake, she loves eating them, but in such a controlled, sensible way, that husband or I end up eating most of it. Which is why, I’ve stopped baking too much these days. It all just lands up on my hips! Did I tell you about my jiggling tummy, yet? No? Ok, lets leave that for another day.

All that self-control is fine but she gets on husband’s nerves when she tries to control him! We don’t go the Indian stores to shop much. It’s just too much hassle. Plus most supermarkets stock essentials and we make do with that. On the rare occasion that we do go to the Indian stores, husband goes a little crazy, picking up ‘junk’. And daughter painstakingly puts it all back on the shelves explaining, ‘Daddy, it’s all junk! You shouldn’t be eating junk!’ It’s a proper struggle for him to pick up what he wants.

We realized how much she despaired of our eating habits when last week, while on holiday, we asked her if she wanted something, I can’t remember what, waffles, I think, and she goes, ‘No, Amma, I’ve already had sweets today, I don’t to get unhealthy like you two!’

Role models, the two of us, certainly, are not!


12 thoughts on “Day11: Self Control

  1. I can genuinely say “I know how you feel.” I have a boy who is exactly the same and I keep wondering if they switched babies in the hospital, when the boy refuses to have an extra helping of ice cream or chocolates! :O

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