Day 10: The One where I can’t think of a title

One of those days when whatever I start writing ends up losing steam within the first few days. I’ve started three posts on three completely different subjects and all three have met with a similar fate – abandonment.

What do you do when you get days like this? Or are you the sort who writes when you can and schedules them? You see, for the first few days of the month, I was that way, but suddenly I seem to be floundering. I have at least three reviews I have to post, but who’s got the time to think and type it all up! Not when you’ve come back after work, to an ill child, daughter has been ill this week. The school called me at work to tell me that she’s really ill on Wednesday so I had to rush from work to pick her up. She felt better the next day and did go to school, but she still isn’t herself yet, and the wracking cough that she has, doesn’t help. Fingers crossed, she will be better by Monday.

The whole house has been calling bout for a good tidy-up and clean. Last weekend we were away and everything is so messy now that I’m feeling physically ill just looking at things.

We woke up this morning to howling winds. We could feel the wind crashing against the walls of the house. Looking out into the garden, daughter realized yi her horror that the garden fence has been ripped by the strong winds. It’s only times like these that I’m glad we live in a rental place. At least its not our headache to sort it out šŸ™‚

So we have nothing planned for the weekend. However I’m sure the weekend will whizz past and before I know it, Monday will be here and my to-do list untouched. I guess I had better stop rambling here and go and attack the mess around me šŸ™‚

Have a great weekend folks.


12 thoughts on “Day 10: The One where I can’t think of a title

  1. After Visha’s post, now I am reading your post and this is exactly the same situation I am currently in šŸ˜¦ house is a total mess, LHB protested his lunch, add to that he has severe cold. what more do I need to irritate my mind? I am totally lost now!!

  2. Hey, hope she’ll get well soon. Take it easy peasy!! I got a post hanging since Friday..I was struggling to finish it but then, better leave it in write better on an inspiring day.
    Cheerz n chill

  3. Hope you daughter is better today, Smitha! I don’t know why but this year, the blog marathon is more draining than the previous two years. Or may be, I say the same thing every year! šŸ˜€

    • She still has a cough but we think its on its way out. This year, I’m already struggling, but then I quite likely said this last year too, as you mentioned:)

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