Day 9: Randomness Prevails

So far in this marathon, I’ve been good.

I’ve been planning ahead and scheduling posts days in advance. Something that I would rarely do in previous years. Those days I had the luxury of having the time during the day.  Those days posts were mainly impromptu. This year, I have no time for impromptu posts. If I don’t plan ahead, no posts will ever get posted.

So, until today’s post, I had something ready,  at least a day in advance. This evening as I wrapped stuff at home and get into bed, it struck me that there is no post waiting for me. I have a couple of skeletal posts sitting in my drafts, but as is the problem with skeletons, they need some meat, some flesh. In case of some posts,  it takes time and energy to flesh them out. I, sadly, have neither time nor energy. Or at least not enough to work on a proper post. So what do I do?

Random ramblings to the rescue! So life is back to being mad after the holidays have come to an end, but I can’t claim that it’s not fun! We did have a quick last minute weekend away. I wish I could say it was nice and relaxing, but it was anything but that, and yet loads of fun. More about that it another post.

Now, back to the regular life and regular life in more ways than one. Turns out it is business as usual for religious fanatics as well. Be it people wanting to ban movies or those who kill because of a perceived insult to their religion. It is absolutely unbelievable that we can take religion so seriously.

The other day we met up with some people we knew, not exactly people I would call friends, more of ex colleagues. They were talking about how the Mahabharata is the best/most imaginative book ever written. While it is a great story, surely to call it the ‘best’ is such a huge assumption. If we do have to talk about books, a book can be hated and loved by people equally, it can be of little interest to others, it could be dismissed by some, and a lot of people wouldn’t it even bother reading it. Just like religions. Some people have the faith, others are agnostic, some follow every written word, assume that they have got the interpretations right, while others might analyse and think. And some might just not care. Ultimately it boils down to personal beliefs. Somebody’s words, a movie, a book, a painting might hurt us, but surely to take to violence of any sort is just not right..

And it’s also pertinent how people start getting into a ‘my religion is more peaceful than yours’ game. The hidden sense of pride in your religion surfaces as soon as something happens that could be attributed to another religion. It’s like you’ve just been waiting for an opportunity to tell others, ‘look how great I am’. I can’t help wonder when (if) this will all stop. Why can’t religion be a private thing, which is nobody’s business but ours. Why can’t we understand that religion or gods don’t need protection from us, mere mortals…

From random ramblings I’ve gone over to a dark topic. Apologies for that, I’ve literally put down whatever’s on my mind at the moment. I’m sure this post is a huge jumble of thoughts, which if I read to edit, will never get posted. So here it goes, my unedited thoughts.


13 thoughts on “Day 9: Randomness Prevails

  1. Religion.. well well worst topic one can talk in these modern days .. you never know who you going to offend…

    and totally agree .. religion needs to be private and in my eyes it should be SECONDARY.. first you need to be HUMANS first.. end of .. if one cant be a HUMAN how can they be religious.

  2. I think it takes a great deal of tolerance to think like you .Some have it naturally ,some of us have to work at it the remaining don’t care:-)

  3. Your randomness makes a lot of sense. I just wish religion wasn’t such an issue. Growing up, we never noticed it. These days it’s becoming such a huge issue everyone seems to have too much to say about it and about that of other religions too. I often find myself getting drawn into arguments while talking about tolerance!!! Wish I would remember to keep shut. You really cannot change people.

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