Day 6: Sharing is caring, they say…

You see, I have been giggling uncontrollably while reading the book I am on at the moment. Not just once but oh-so-many times! And because because sharing is caring ( not because I’m running short of time or ideas ;)), let me share something (one of many incidents) out of the book that had me giggling away.

‘We were heading for an attraction and I needed a wee. Well, I thought it was a wee anyway.’ She laughs, putting her hand in front of her mouth.
‘But it was actually a poo…’
She squeezes my cheeks together again. ‘… as well as a wee so then…’
Phoebe boggles her eyes ‘… so then Mummy stopped the car and I had a nature wee.
You don’t know what a nature wee is.’
‘One outside that’s unplanned.’
‘You’re cor-rect. But the poo sort of slipped out. Oh my goodness me. And then Charlie ran off. And Mummy was cross because we were near a big, big road and the cars were going whooosh really, really fast. And Charlie was crying and…’ ‘
I’m so pleased to be here,’ I say.
Dinah kisses me.
‘I’ve missed you all so much.’
‘Dadddddeeee, you’re not listenin’ to me.’ ‘
Phoebe, let Daddy talk to Mummy as well.’
‘But I’m telling my story.’
‘OK pops, carry on.’
‘So the cars were going whoosh and Mummy was running after Charlie and that’s when she trod in my poo. And got it all over her ’spensive shoes,’ says Phoebe.
‘Been a bit like that has it, love?’
Dinah closes her eyes and nods.
‘Daddy, listen!’
‘I am, pops.’
‘And because Charlie was running away Mummy didn’t notice what she’d done. It was very foolish, Daddy, because she didn’t notice the poo on her ’spensive shoes so she got it all over the petals in the car.’
‘Pedals, Phoebe.’
‘Mummyyyyy! I’m telling the story.’
‘All over the pedals what you press with your foots when you drive and so the whole car stinks to high heaven.’

In case this excerpt makes you want to read this book, it’s called ‘Are We Nearly There Yet? A Family’s 8000-Mile Car Journey Around Britain by Ben Hatch.

As you can probably tell, I’m thoroughly enjoying it, as of now. I will do a proper review on the book blog, once I’m done reading it.

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