Day 5: You know you have a bookworm for a daughter ..2

– When the present that gets used most ( and the one she get a most excited about ) is the Kindle

– When you are chatting away and she says, ‘Can I read, please’, silently willing you to leave her to read in peace.

– When you find her grabbing hold of a book as soon as any journey starts.

– When the only thing she really, really wants is the set of Enid Blytons that she doesn’t have or the new David Walliams. All Christmas present hints were about books.

– New clothes get a once over before going back to the book she was engrossed in.

– While she couldn’t care less about which clothes she wears, she wants to carry her book or Kindle wherever we go.

– When you find books in every part of the house and the rear seat of the car. It takes a lot of threats to get them tidied up, and then a lot of time gets spent putting the books in the bookshelves because each book has to be grouped together within relevant sections!

– When going to sleep gets delayed because one more page is begging to be read.

And yet, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

22 thoughts on “Day 5: You know you have a bookworm for a daughter ..2

  1. Hehe.. Smitha, you know you sound like SUCH a proud mom 😀 You’re loving these habits of hers, aren’t you?
    So glad she is such a reader… Totally knwo what you mean when you say you wouldnt have it any other way..

    • I am, Pepper, mainly because it is so much fun discussing books with her, and the joy of seeing her enjoy some of the books I read as a child is great. Plus, it makes her very low maintenance 😉 give her a book and she’s happy waiting in queues, waiting rooms.. etc

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