Book Review: Before I go by Colleen Oakley

Day 4 post on the book blog..

Any Excuse To Read

This was another one of the NetGalley books. I can’t say how much fun I have on the site, browsing through, looking for books to request for, and the joy, when they get approved. Of course, I feel awful when I get declined, but that gets forgotten in minutes.

27-year-old Daisy has almost completed three cancer free years. She and her husband Jack are about to celebrate their ‘cancerversary’ when she is told that her cancer is back, and this time she might not be as lucky as the last time, it’s a stage four diagnosis. Daisy has just months to live.

Daisy is worried, not for herself but for her husband. Jack is a brilliant, very intelligent person but completely useless when it comes to house hold stuff. Stuff which Daisy manages for him completely. She knows that he is going to struggle without her. As she obsesses about…

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