2014: The Book Year That Was

Day 3 post on the book blog..

Any Excuse To Read

It was a busy year for me, but out here, on the book blog, I’m going to stick with book year, or my year in terms of books.

I’ve read 122 books this year, according to Goodreads. Down from 2013 (143) , but I have been working this year, so that does take up a significant amount of my time 🙂 Try as I might I can’t read while working unlike at home when I read while cooking, or ironing, pretty much all the time..So that accounts for the reduced reading.

I hadn’t taken any reading challenge as I think it might just take away from the fun of reading. And that will stay that way this year as well.

As usual, I’ve read a wide variety of genres. Mostly fiction with some non-fiction interspersed in between. I wish I could find a way of getting that sort of stats…

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6 thoughts on “2014: The Book Year That Was


    122 books…there is just not enough time in the year to read so many books! 😦 HOW do you make time! I read 29 books 😦 (and i was sort-of happy about it, until I read this) 122 is incredible!


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