Day 2: Blog Marathon

If the Day 1 in yesterday’s post was not a clue, let me tell you 🙂 I’m taking part in a blog marathon.

Last year, a bunch of us bloggers ushered in the new year with a blog marathon. When Seema got in touch with me asking if I would like to participate in it again this year, it felt too tempting to decline. Despite knowing how crazy my days are going to be once the holiday period ends, I couldn’t resist. I might live to regret it, but I wouldn’t know if I didn’t try, would I?

So be prepared for a month of inane posts, complete nonsense and some book reviews. I will be posting on both the blogs as it would be next to impossible for me to manage a post a day just on this blog.

And for those of you who wonder,  couldn’t I have said this as part of yesterday’s post? Of course I could! But I’ve got to stretch the little material I’ve got, you see, desperate times!

All the best, fellow marathoners! See you around.

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