Happiness is..

– enjoying a break from work and doing nothing absolutely.

– spending the morning reading alongside daughter, cuddling her and just relaxing.

– in finding out that I’ve downloaded 36 Kindle books. That’s about 4 months of reading in case I’m ever stuck in a place without a library or a book store. Unlikely, but it’s nice to be prepared isn’t it? Of course normal people worry about food and water and stuff like that 🙂

– Watching the day go by and not being in a hurry to get anywhere or do anything. Actually not entirely true, I have loads to do, but have just pushed it all aside.

– Eating the most delicious of fruits, oranges, mangoes, cherries, blueberries..

– Finding a twenty pound note in a long forgotten handbag!

– Happiness is when you’ve read three books in 1.5 days. Haven’t done that in a while.

– Happiness is in stayingat home for a change rather than because that’s what I do.


43 thoughts on “Happiness is..

  1. Hmmmm I would defintely worry about food and water and some outdoor fun for my kids. I like to read and my daughter likes to read. But I dont push her too much so she stops being a kid and sits in a corner reading a book for hrs. Old age is always there for that:)


    • Whatever makes you think I ‘push’ ny daughter to read? She likes nothing more than reading. And if that’s what she wants to do, what’s wrong with it?

      Why read only when old? I had no idea that reading came with age limitations. Clearly I’m so out of touch with reality, no food, water or outdoor activities for my child! It’s funny how people infer all sorts of things from a post!

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