If I had been an ad maker..

Loads have been written about that Airtel ad. I agree with some, partially agree with others, completely disagree with some. But no, I’m not here trying to dissect it further.

Watching that ad( I found it cringe-worthy, for the record), I started thinking about what I would have liked to see.

So here’s my perfect ad. The boss, a woman, has this piece of work that needs doing. She delegates it to her team. Towards the end of the day, when the team is still working on it, she wraps up her work and joins them, to help speed up things and support them.

As she works, she gets a call from her husband, he’s on his way home, ‘What would you like for dinner, darling?’

And of course, like the other ad, the husband goes home, cooks up something delicious,  takes a picture, and sends her the message, ‘Finish your work and get home, I’ll be waiting for you’.

Wouldn’t that be truly breaking stereotypes? And showing that people can have it all if they shared responsibilities?


28 thoughts on “If I had been an ad maker..

  1. I liked the ad, actually, stereotypical though it was. When responsibilities are shared in a household, it doesn’t actually matter who is making dinner on a particular day. You just know the other half is going to take it up the other day. Maybe what was shown in the ad was only part of the equation?

    Also, I vaguely remember – wasn’t the wife the boss of the man in the ad? There, one stereotype broken, right?

    • I absolutely agree that when responsibilities are shared, it does not matte who does it. Why it made me uncomfortable is because it shows a woman straddling both worlds, which is fine, but we see enough of it. I would be truly impressed if they had shown a man picking up things which are considered ‘a woman’s job’. This advert prompt comments like, ‘ That is an ideal woman, she might be a boss at work, but she still cooks at home’. A la Indra Nooyi. Which to me, made it uncomfortable. We see loads of that around us. Women doing everything, balancing work and taking full responsibility at home as well. That comment, I saw somewhere, by the way. We could assume that the man does his bit too, but from that ad, I would have to assume, which I think is my problem with the ad.

  2. Excatly how I was thinking of altering the ad. I have always seen the cooking and washing ads featuring ladies.Ever seen a man complaining about the detergents or soaps that are not able to make his clothes look good? Even if he does(Like the salman and prachi’s add) there s a wife happily washing his clothes for him. In reality many many boys who are staying away from home have to this job. There is no where I see men doing the house hold work. Ads are perfectly patriarchal when it comes to this!!

    • I totally agree. It’s a pity that ads still show the patriarchal set up and add to the already existing stereotypes. I do think that the ad makers of the Airtel ad was trying to be progressive, however they fell short, in my opinion.

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