Tread Softly, Tread Lightly…

..tread rarely, as it was in our case.

Have I told you about our treadmill?

No? Well, let’s get that corrected, shall we?

So. For a few years now, we’ve always had an exercise machine at home. I wish that translated into – ‘We are really fit people’, but you’ve heard about wishes and horses, haven’t you?

Some years back, when we moved out of London and to Leeds, husband decided that he needed something to keep fit. After a lot of research(he always does a LOT of research, no matter what it is), he zeroed in on a cross-trainer. I went with it, after all, looking after yourself is never a bad thing, right? Or so I thought.

It all started off well, we used it, to some extent. Him more than me, but he was the one who wanted it, I got plenty of exercise walking back and forth from school, or so I told myself. That phase of using the cross trainer for the purpose it was built for didn’t last much, though. Very soon, it turned into a coat rack. And soon, the layer of coats grew so much that it would be an exercise to just remove it. After about four years of languishing as a coat rack, the poor cross trainer got liberated when we decided to relocate to India. We gave it away to a friend, and our home was finally exercise-machine free.

In Bangalore we had a great gym in our apartment complex, but knowing me, it never got used. So many things to do before getting to the gym – proper gym clothes, proper gym shoes, towel.. One can’t go to the gym looking like something the cat dragged in! Not when half the others looked as if they had just stepped out of a salon! Too much pressure, I tell ya! Much better off walking up and down 11 flights of stairs. If only, I actually did that!

Husband came over for a holiday while we were there, and used the gym and came back gushing about how great it was. Inspired, I joined him a couple of times, and yes, it was wonderful. While it lasted. That phase ended as soon as husband went back to the UK. Soon I was busy with packing to relocate back, and I didn’t even need an excuse to never go near the gym again.

Once we got back here and had settled in our new home, husband started talking about a treadmill. He had enjoyed using it so much in Bangalore that he was convinced that he would use it. I was vehemently against it. I was sure that I didn’t want another exercise machine/coat rack. Husband had some other ideas. He had put on loads of weight in the time that we were in India and claimed that he needed to work out. What can you say, when he throws being fit and healthy at you, at least he wasn’t making the case for a 65 inch 3D HD TV (which by the way, he had already bought, much against my wishes, but that’s a story for another day). So I gave in.

The treadmill got delivered. It took us a few weeks to install it. And that too with the help of a technician that the treadmill company sent over. Finally we were good to go, albeit after about a month of buying it, I must add.

I used it once, found that the incline function was not working. Called up the help desk who asked me to try a few things. Nothing worked, so she asked me to open up the treadmill to check something out. Now, that was not a one person job, so I pushed it off for the weekend, which never came. I used the treadmill again, without the incline mode three more times(yes, I know exactly how much I’ve used it!). All this while, the person who wanted the treadmill the most, had not even touched it!

I never quite liked walking on the treadmill. I prefer walking outdoors, even in bad weather. There is something so liberating about walking in the open. So I would go walking, but never on the treadmill. Husband would just not do any exercise. The treadmill just stood in our lounge, occupying space and looking ugly.

Somewhere down the line, I went back to work, and that put a stop to even that once in two months use of the treadmill. It didn’t turn into a coat rack, but that had more to do with the fact that it wasn’t conveniently placed to be used as a coat rack.

In December, a colleague told me that she put her cross trainer on sale. Apparently January is the best time to put fitness equipment on sale because loads of people buy them after the calories overload during Christmas. I pestered husband to get the thing fixed and sold. Husband wasn’t convinced. He was sure he would use it, even though it had sat unused for the last 7 months!

Finally this last week, it has got fixed. It’s finally working properly now. So far we’ve used it 6 times in all. Now, that it’s working, all I want to do is sell it off! I’m just hoping that husband agrees to put it on the market and get rid of the eyesore that sits in the living room.

I’m just waiting for some exercise enthusiast to take this thing off us. And one thing is for sure, the next time husband talks about buying an exercise machine, I’m going to show him this post, to exercise his brain. Just in case he’s forgotten his case history with exercise machines. The only time I’m going to even think of getting an exercise machine is if we ever have a house with a separate room as a gym. Given the fact that the place we live in, it’s hard enough to find a house with an ensuite, I think I can safely say never:)


19 thoughts on “Tread Softly, Tread Lightly…

  1. Look who is here 🙂 heloooooooooooooo how do you do .. remember me 🙂
    that reminds me i need to start going to the gym myself, have paid the fees for over a year now and not visited once Damnnnnnnnnnnnn .. 😦
    I would have offered to buy, but I myself dont have any space to keep , I have a exercise BIke , and a weight bench with rod and a few weights .. if you are interested in having .. they are in my car garage .. 🙂

    • Hey Bikram:) I know, I go missing at regular intervals, don’t I:(

      We’ve stopped going to gyms. The only time I went regularly was in 2005, before daughter came by:)

      Goodness! You have a complete gym at your place! You know what I think about exercise equipment:) I’ve got to put it on gumtree, it’s just wasting space in my lounge at the moment.

  2. LOL! I love walking on treadmill Smits, but laziness always, always manages to get the better of me. We have a gym in our compound, plus we have a club membership in Radisson here..both of which get religiously worshipped by my exercise-freak husband,while I end up procrastinating my share of visit! R has given up on me now!

    Hope you do get around to using your treadmill more often. Oh wait you want to sell it off..right then, hope you do find a worthy buyer 😀

  3. He he good luck with selling the thing! 🙂

    This is why I hate indoor exercise equipment – I like my workouts to be outside, walking outside any day, even in bad weather. I know that the day I buy an exercise equipment, I will end up not doing any kind of exercise at all.

  4. Hiiii good to hear from you. Agree with you on this. Though I’m pretty regular with my exercise, I prefer going to the gym. If I had a machine at home I don’t think I’d have exercised at all.

  5. The treadmill in our house was used as a clothes stand for a long time…RD would have used it about 4 times…and then one fine day..after a couple of years,we sold it off…yep…it got used JUST FOUR TIMES!!! its a waste honestly :):)

  6. nice to see your post smits! 🙂
    I prefer walking outside as well.. I do 2 rounds around the apartment complex and then get on the elliptical in the gym (for the knee). I hate using the treadmill. But, I do use it during Winter.

  7. Hey, on a totally unrelated note, I have been looking for a golliwog to add to my doll collection. I have wanted one ever since I read about them in Enid Blyton’s books, of course with no racial discrimination involved. Any idea where I can get one? Friends and relatives have been unable to find one in the US.

  8. I love outdoor walking and running. I am always tempted to buy a treadmill thinking that way I will be regular. Your post is making me think. Today I went for a 3km run after 5months. If this is the frequency I get time to do exercise treadmill will be a waste of money.

  9. Can’t think of fitting anything else into my flat. Especially with the entire society looking for an opportunity to kick us out, moving everything would be an uphill task.

    Sometimes I can’t help comparing blogging to working out. One is irregular at times, determined at times, but not able to follow it religiously. Effort is on though 😛

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