Blog withdrawal syndrome

Or something like that has afflicted me.

That urge to blog, to jot down things seems to have disappeared completely. I feel secretive and all I feel like is holding things close to myself. Why? I have no idea. I remember joking some time back, a couple of years back, actually, that I would hate to go back to work, if I couldn’t blog. But here I am, eating my own words. I don’t seem to miss blogging at all. As in, writing on my own blog.

I do read you guys, when I get a chance. But more often than not, commenting isn’t an option. Not when your reading time is while brushing your teeth or while gulping down breakfast. So I leave no footprints anywhere, a silent reader is what I’ve become.

And it seems perfect to me. Comfortable in reading and not writing, not putting my thoughts to paper…

What really has me puzzled is that I still seem to be able to do book reviews. Is it because book reviews reveal less of me? I don’t know.

To be honest, it’s not just blogs, it’s also Facebook. I just don’t feel like reading or posting. Can’t help wonder if I’m turning into a recluse. Any of you been through phases like this?


34 thoughts on “Blog withdrawal syndrome

  1. yeah, I go through this phase too & very now and then I take a break from my blog & facebook too. For me blogging is fun & not something which I have to do forcefully, so it ok to listen to your heart when it wants to slow down 🙂

  2. Same here. Miss the days when blogging was fun, everyone had the time to look through others’ posts and comment nonsense, and we felt the urge to post every little thing! Sigh 😦

      • ah yes! Those were the golden days weren’t they?!
        Where people were actually nice and there were no agendas behind anything!!

        It’s a phase Smi! hugs!! You will be alright.. keep writing whenever you feel like it.. we are here as always! 🙂

  3. I am in the phase right now. I am blogging lesser, 2 weeks and no facebook. And that is definitely an achievement. Its for whatever reason, given me more peace of mind. I know the FB hiatus wont last long but I do plan to enjoy it s much as possible.

  4. Came here while reviewing blogs for the Directory of Best Indian Blogs, 2013-14 edition.
    Well, dear, as the newness goes, one is likely to feel bored of blogging. It happens with almost everybody.
    We at ITB have discussed the matter among ourselves and have written posts about it. You might find the following links relevant: on how bloggers tend to lose interest in blogging; on the love of blogging.
    Prabhakar/ ITB

  5. As rm said it’s just a phase Smits. You’ll get past it 🙂
    I have been going through a similar phase. Somehow lacking that will to write.

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