Silliness and me…

..goes hand in hand. It’s got to be said, even if it shows how silly I can be. Some might say, ‘what’s new?’. Well, this is extremely silly, even by my standards.

Until some time back, I used to think a lot before I drove the car. Think,as in, silly stuff like what shoes am I wearing. I would try not to wear new shoes and drive. More often than not, I would wear my tried and tested shoes every day. And since my driving was mainly restricted to ferrying Daughter around for activities, shopping, or at the very most, meeting friends, it was all doable. I remember once I took the car around for a test drive in a new pair of shoes because I so desperately wanted to wear them.

The other day, I realised that I’ve stopped thinking about what I’m wearing completely. No time, you see, these days for worrying about silly stuff. I consider myself lucky if I manage to jump into the car, completely dressed and reach work on time! These days, I just wear whatever I want, and only recently realised that I’ve not even realised what I was doing! All those wasted hours agonising over shoes to drive in! See, one more side effect if going back to work, no time to worry about silly, unimportant stuff.

Talking about clothes, did I tell you about the day when my clothes almost gave me a heart attack? Most mornings are crazy. I usually wear dresses with tights. Various shades of black, white and grey and black tights. Half the time I would be in too much hurry to check myself out properly before leaving for work. Just checking that my tights don’t have ladders and that I’m looking presentable over all is all I bother to check.

So this day, I drove to school, dropped daughter off, drove to work, parked, swung my legs out only to recoil in shock. I was wearing dark purple tights instead of black! And I hadn’t realised all this while. I have one pair of dark purple tights which under dim lights looks close to black. But my office is brightly lit, and my dress had no hint of purple in it. It would look just weird!

Now I would have to go back. To change my tights, of all possible things! There is a shopping centre near by but nothing would open before 9. I whipped off my sunglasses in frustration( it was a sunny day, for a change), only to see that my tights had miraculously changed colour to black!! It was those purple tinted glasses that almost made me drive back home!

Wasn’t it lucky that I took them off just in time! Or I would have been writing about driving back home only to realise that I had worn the right tights after all! How silly would that have been. But lesson learnt. Now I double check the colour of tights as well as scanning it for any sign of ladders:)

25 thoughts on “Silliness and me…

      • Haha… Please don’t take my helplessness seriously. But it really is too much to ask for guys ( and I hope I am speaking for the camaraderie ) to understand the thing for colours of leggies. I mean remember when Govinda sported yellow/pink jeans and got away

          • Haha Point taken
            I can understand the embarrassment from your perspective maybe. Maybe at some point of time we do need to acknowledge how others perceive us, and conform.
            The other day, I attended one of my college-mate’s wedding. And I have always sported dhoti for these occasions. Nothing religious- just for the heck of it you know. Didn’t mind the attention either There was nobody there who wore anything other than those shiny suits. What has happened to the sense of humour in general, I wondered

  1. ha ha, this is funny! right said, no time to waste over silly stuff if you are busy! But I am still not comfortable wearing heels and driving, have to get over that:)

  2. driving and shoes i too have it.. i cant drive wearing my footwear.. whatever i wear, i need to remove and drive.. :(.. dress, i have worn the dress inside out to work.. πŸ™‚

  3. πŸ˜†
    I could almost see you in that red and black dress with purple tights!!!!! :mrgreen:


    You are adorable Smi! πŸ˜€

  4. in places like Hollywood, it is quite common for people go out in pajamas and flip-flops, even for things like signing real estate contracts… it is a way to assert their i-don’t-give-a-damn-for-what-others-think… even in european airports, i have come across americans dressed that way, while the rest of the world cannot think of getting one thing wrong with their “dress code”

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