Daughter Tales

Daughter came home from school one day, all excited about some school work. They have been learning about Ancient Greece, and Daughter has been loving it. She loves History and Science, apparently, which is why she wants to be a dinosaur scientist. Don’t ask me how that’s related, but apparently it is.

So. Coming back to the original story, they had a professor who came and held a session on Ancient Greece. He told them lots of interesting things, but appaarently the most interesting thing was the fact that Ancient Greeks was that they had ‘tablets’ too. But, she clarified to us, ‘Their tablets weren’t like the iPads we have’, just in case we were in any doubt about it.

She has been reading all sorts of books. Last weekend we went to the library and she picked up a Percy Jackson book. It caught her interest has it had something to do with Ancient Greece. As you can see, everything is about Ancient Greece these days. But I’m not sure about this book. Any of you have any idea if it’s age appropriate for her?

Daughter, completely loves Harry Potter, as I’ve mentioned before. The other day she says, ‘You and Daddy are definitely Muggles, but I might still have magic’. Apparently she might still get a letter from Hogwarts, as she still isn’t 11!


29 thoughts on “Daughter Tales

  1. I haven’t got my daughter started on Harrry Potter yet! Don’t have it in English and don’t know if I know enough to handle questions from a Dutch one! Have been meaning to ask you for book recommendations for 6 to 8 yr olds!

  2. Percy Jackson is a great series and completely age appropriate. It does have a bit of teen romance however nothing more than what Harry Potter books had.
    The second series ‘God of Olympus’ is the ongoing series that has the same character in it (think of it as Percy Jackson series part II). It introduces Roman mythology along with the Greek mythology. A lot of Homophobic parents do not like it as it has a gay teen character although again there is nothing inappropriate in the books except the teen acknowledging the fact that he has a crush on other guy his age. I can’t wait for the next book in the series.
    Rick Riordan is an enchanting writer and knows his mythologies well. You might also want to check out his other series ‘Kane Chronicles’. Its about the Egyptian mythology.
    BTW, dinosaur scientists aka Paleontologists are quite cool. She might want to learn about Geology which deals about the science of rocks. You will not believe the stories the rocks can tell us. Its a fascinating science and if chosen the right path, may pay well. Just FYI.

  3. At lease Seventh Standard students of mine have earnestly recommended that I read Percy Jackson. I guess that says it all. I do know that these kids are voracious readers, and they’ve told me that I’d love it! All about Greek Mythology 🙂

    I’m a fan of your daughter. I think she’s really cool 🙂

    • I’m a fan of yours! You are super cool:) Seventh standard kids, is it? I’m wondering if I should let daughter read it then. She might be a bit too young for it… I guess I should read it first in that case 🙂

      • Probably a bit young. But if she’s already reading Harry Potter, I don’t think it would matter. However, as you said, you could read it first. You’re in the best position to decide at this point!

  4. Percy Jackson is so perfect for her !!
    Actually Smithu, if I am not this old, I would love to go to Hogwarts 😉 Love Rowling for her beautiful weaving of a great story !!
    And I love daughter updates, they certainly make me smile 😀

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