This close. I was this close to successfully completing the marathon! I had even managed to do an extra post for the one that I missed. This close, three days to go and I managed to give up.

Well, more than actively give up, I just ran out of time to sit down and complete pending posts.. I still have half written posts which will never get posted. Or at least definitely not in this marathon.. I guess some things just have to be accepted. Like the fact that I am rubbish at marathons. I just shouldn’t attempt one. The only time I should attempt one is if I manage to consistently reply to comments on mine, and read all the unread, uncommented posts in my reader. Next time, one of you please do remind me that, instead of encouraging to take part, ok?

I’ve been busy. Sounds so routine, doesn’t it? When the laundry is overflowing from all directions, kitchen a mess, floors need vaccuming, posting on the blog doesn’t really strike one as urgent, I guess. What’s even worse, I still have all that work pending.. I barely manage to do a tiny bit of it, before more lands on my plate.

I’m reading a book called The P45 Diaries. Had read a few good reviews on twitter. So when I found it discounted on Kindle, I bought it. Have to say, I’m struggling with it. Still hopeful that it will turn interesting suddenly, but losing hope with every page I read. I was so fed up that I went and picked up a few books from the library at lunch time today. Can I say again, that I love it that I can go to the library at lunch time. Lugging books back to the car park at the end of the day, is another story though. Cold rain, and lugging books don’t go well together, but that is something I easily forget when I am picking up books.

It’s Friday today! Fridays are long, very long days for me, but I still love them 🙂 Don’t we all? So what plans for the weekend? I’m just looking forward to relaxing, although I can tell you now that I’m quite sure my hopes will be dashed.

Have a lovely weekend, you guys, and I’ll see you when I see you!


16 thoughts on “Finally

  1. Hugs Smi! You managed to write so many and so regularly despite your crazy busy schedule!! And that’s admirable! Have a good weekend my dear! 🙂

  2. Hey Smithu, just write when you want to…whats the big stress about missing a day or two ???
    Hope you had a great weekend. BTW, did you finish that book ?? 🙂

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