I had forgotten how it feels.

I had completely forgotten…

That pride that fills your heart when you hear the national anthem, or the patriotic songs that you’ve been hearing for years. The lifting of hearts and spirits as we stand tall and sing the national anthem from the heart.

Days like the Independence Day and the Republic Day, which had been so part of us, until we moved abroad, was ao much fun to relive and also share with Daughter, for she had never experienced it before. So much that we took for granted, so much to be proud of.

I have a lot to be thankful for the last year we spent in India. It wasn’t the easiest of times, but it has given me memories that I will cherish and the hope that maybe one day, I would be back in India.

Happy Republic Day, everybody!


6 thoughts on “I had forgotten how it feels.

  1. Happy Republic Day to you too. That sure is some feeling. Listening to patriotic songs on these special occasions holds a deeper meaning. Hope you do get back to India.

  2. Recently Chirpy has learnt to recite National Anthem and when she is home we both practice together.. the goose bumps that I get every time I sing with her are inexpressible… I get a lump in my throat and I feel emotional!!!

    Somethings will always have an impact on you, no matter where you are no matter who you become 🙂

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