Day 23: I am as bad as my daughter..

.. when it comes to being hooked on a book.

I spent most of the morning reading. I read while I made coffee, while I had that coffee, while making breakfast, and eating it. I even tried reading while supervising Daughter’s bath. And when after all that, I still had not completed the book, I lay in bed, and read in peace, until I finished the whole book. Late for work, so be it.

Tell me, how can I nag at Daughter to stop reading and do her stuff, when she has me to learn from?

In my defence, I only do it once in a while, where as she does it everyday. Ok, can you guys please not tell me that I am an adult and she only a child?


13 thoughts on “Day 23: I am as bad as my daughter..

  1. 😆
    I do that too!! I read today morning while making dosas and whatsapping! 😛 (Is that a word even?)
    And yea Crafty is right – you are still a kid!! :mrgreen:

  2. ha ha…Smitha, its the story of my family too 😀
    Only diff is I used to live inside a book during my teenage years, while I constantly tell my girls to come out of the book, once in a while !!

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