Day 22: Joys of Walking

One thing I’ve enjoyed since forever must be walking. Ever since we came to the UK, it just got a little more pleasurable.

When we first came here, we used to walk a lot. Walk to the tube stations for work, and then on weekends and Friday evenings, we would spend the hours on our feet, walking around Central London. It was a wonderful magical time. Walking through the busy tourist areas, tiny alleyways, by the Thames, I actually miss it all, just thinking about it.

Daughter, when she came along, changed a few things. We still walked but not as much. Just the necessary bit to work, nursery and back. But that was quite a bit too.

Once I went on a break from work, in London, I would pop Daughter into the buggy, and we would go to the local playgroups or the library. At least a few miles of walking under my belt everyday. It was a lot of fun, and some exercise. My walking continued when we shifted to Leeds. It didn’t reduce, but it did become more interesting. The first house we stayed at, had a lovely wooded area surronding it. We have spent several weekends as a family, walking and exploring. There were cute little meadows that looked like something out of Enid Blyton books, to blackberries growing wild. We moved houses, but we were lucky yet again to find a wooded area very near where we lived. It was even better that the shortest route to Daughter’s school was through there. And we made the most of it. I have hardly ever driven to school, and most days after dropping her off at school, I would enjoy a long and refreshing walk.

Then, of course, came the time when we decided to go back home to Bangalore. Now, Bangalore is one place where walking wasn’t the most easiest. While in UK, you could happily walk on footpaths, secure in the knowledge that you are safe, in Bangalore, well, not so much. Daughter and I have had terrifying experiences of bikes on footpaths right behind us, without the slightest of worries that they are on footpaths. It was totally up to pedestrians to keep ourselves safe πŸ™‚ We did, however, manage to find a lovely lake close to where we lived. It had a path all around it, and there was this portion of it which was totally serene and it made you feel that you were in a different far away place, away from all the pollution and noise of the city. The only sad thing was that it was gorgeous at dusk, and I got to truly enjoy it only when husband was around on holiday. I didn’t feel safe enough to venture there by myself. Which was sad, but well.

Back in the UK, we were in a new town. The neighbouring areas not as picturesque but walking was still fun. I would drop off Daughter at school and walk part of the way back, or sometimes, the whole distance. I was not walking through picturesque areas, but I still enjoyed it.

Now, that I’ve started working, walking has become a little more limited. I don’t get as much time to walk and enjoy it. Whatever walking I do has a purpose, and more often than not, extremely hurried. You would find me rushing to work or rushing from work. Hardly a frame of mind to enjoy the surrondings or the views, but every once in a while, nature forces me to stop, and soak in the splendor of nature.


10 thoughts on “Day 22: Joys of Walking

  1. That picture is priceless. Trying to imagine myself there! bliss.

    I agree, walking in my city is equally chaotic and unsafe.

    Your home at Leeds sounds like a dream!

  2. It’s a beautiful pic. I love walking too and it shows very much that I’ve stopped doing it:) Last evening, I walked to school for a parent-teachers meeting, breathed the fresh air, saw the stars, identified the Orion, and just felt blessed. It’s the wonders of walking.

  3. That pic is fabulous! Something out of a storybook πŸ™‚
    I love love walking here! I walk everywhere – to the library, the train station, to the Mall…
    The reason we still haven’t managed to buy a car is because we enjoy walking so much!! πŸ™‚

    • I can imagine! Walking is so much more fun than driving around in a car. I would rather walk but when you have school and work to get to, and the wonderful weather that we have, it is sometimes easier to just drive:)

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