Day 21: The Black Hole in My Hand

Yes, you read that right. I do have a black hole. My own personal little black hole. My handbag.

You see, I carry one of those large handbags which can carry everything. Well, I have several of them, and each of them equally bulky and voluminous. And each one has huge amounts of stuff. According to husband it will take a complete evacuation to get anything out of them.

I can’t really say that he is far off the mark, after all, I have found 3 year old receipts in there, although I would NEVER admit it to him. After loads of nagging by husband, I have started clearing them, and sorting them out, regularly. Ok, Ok, regularly by my standards. So now I have comparatively empty bags with just essentials like pocket tissues, hand cream and the like, in them, so that I could just put my wallet and my phone in whichever bag I fancy, and I’m good to go. And it works beautifully. I try not to over load them. Apart from that book that absolutely needs to go in there. Apart from that, my bags just have the essentials. Of course, they are not essentials according to some people, namely husband. But let’s ask him who comes to the rescue when he needs some tissues suddenly?

So I had my handbags all sorted out nicely. Until I started work. Now, I’ve come to realize that I have a lot of black/grey clothes even before I started work, but all my handbags are vividly coloured. And all quite bright colours too. Bright pinks, purples, tan etc. not a single black, official looking one. So I had to go and buy one. A black sleek bag, just for work. Sleek, and yet with multiple pockets and space to fit everything I need. Books, tissues, snacks, lip gels, hand cream, the works. Now, in the last few weeks, things have been going into the bag, and I’ve just realized that nothing has come out of it, ever since I started using it. I use it just for work, so for the fear that I might end up taking out my id tag and forgetting to take it back to work I leave the bag untouched, as far as I can.

The other day, I realized what I’ve ended up with. I had an early morning meeting. I had some print outs that I had taken the previous day, just to be on the safer side, all in preparation for the meeting. Those printouts, for some unknown reason, I had popped into my drawers and locked it up. And popped the key into my handbag. So I rushed in, just about in time for the meeting, and realized that the darn drawers were locked. I had some vague memory of popping the key into my drawer, and set about the job of searching for it. Hunt, hunt hunt. Of course, as expected, I found everything and more but the keys. Week old receipts, money, loose coins, everything except those keys. I could have just taken fresh printouts for all the time I spent searching in there. Finally, I was left with no option but to tip it all out and locate the keys.

Thankfully, I did find the key, eventually but I might have lost some of my dignity though trying to rummage through the rubbish that was in my handbag. I guess, I had better listen more to husband and organize that bag of mine better. Although as I said before, you’ll never catch me admit it to him πŸ™‚

21 thoughts on “Day 21: The Black Hole in My Hand

  1. Oh I hear you! My friends called it jhola bag or a 10 kg rice rug sack. But I really can’t carry small bags or purses or clutches or whatever else out there. How is one supposed to carry all the stuff we need in a day and we do need it!

  2. I used to carry big bags too and they’d weigh a ton! I experienced too many nights of shoulder pains and then decided to give them up. Now I’ve replaced huge bags with medium sized messenger bags. But no matter what size the bag, I still have to hunt for my keys!

  3. ha ha ha Smitha, I too junk my big bag so much that it takes nearly an hour for the monthly cleaning that I force myself to do. Otherwise the bag is sooo heavy to carry – actually being heavy is the main reason I clear the bag πŸ˜‰
    You have company πŸ˜€

  4. I used to be that black hole person too… and that is when a friend told me about ‘handbag organizers’! It works perfectly and you don’t need to worry about the bag having any pockets or not. They are wonderful and can be moved from one bag to another without really having to sort or really do anything at all… Try them!

    This is one of those things which really helped me use all the bags without dreading the shifting of essentials process.

  5. ROFL Smithu! This is where Smithu and Crafty exchange hi-5s and a hug and walk into the sunset with their respective blackholes on shoulders.

    My friend calls my bag a 2BHK πŸ˜›

    China market has caught on to women carrying blackholes, and the market is filled with key rings with colourful tiny torches attached to the end of it. Bang on target, I think!
    The number of times I’ve rummaged for change when travelling back home.

  6. πŸ˜†
    Sounds very familiar! But, Smithus – a colourful handbag goes great with black and grey na?
    I dump everything in mine too.. I have a couple of bags that are very deceptive – small to look at, but holds everything!! πŸ˜€

    • I know, but my colourful ones don’t look professional enough. I’m more comfortable taking the black ones to work. Also, I don’t think I want to take the risk of forgetting something if I transfer contents of bags:)

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