Day 20: Randomness and Books

You know those Mondays when you actually feel relieved that the weekened is over? It’s one of those Mondays.

A Monday that feels quieter than a Sunday, even though when I look back, it doesn’t feel like a day when a lot got done and yet, I felt swept off my feet with work. At the end of day, all I could do was hit the bed. And I managed to miss yesterday’s post. For some reason, I thought I had posted already, only to realize this morning that it was Saturday’s post that had been posted. I didn’t even have a draft to post. So not good. Will try and get in an extra post one of these days. If I can. Let’s see. Although, having said that, I do hope that I don’t jinx it by saying it out loud, and Monday turns out truly manic. Well, wouldn’t be totally surprised if that happens.

Have been reading Alexander McCall Smith, back to back these days. I got hold of Tears of the Giraffe(Second in the No. 1 Detective Ladies Agency Series). It was cute, and cozy, but I didn’t love it as much as the first. It’s probably just me. I’ve started ‘The Sunday Philosophy Club’, and love it so far. I’ve been sneaking reads whenever I’ve had a chance, but the last few days, I haven’t really had much time. I feel sad just writing this down. Yesterday, when I could have done some reading, I forgot to take the book with me. Normally, we go on an hour long walk when Daughter is at her keyboard lessons. I also carry a book, just in case. Yesterday, we walked only for about 35 minutes. We came across a very wet patch, and decided to turn back, as neither of us fancied walking about in wet shoes. That left me with around 20 minutes of reading time, and no book. I did catch up on the news, but it feels sad to waste 20 mins off reading time. I’ve got a few books on the Kindle that have been waiting for ages. I have to stop picking up books from the library until I’ve read a few off the Kindle.

Daughter, on the other hand, has been reading all sorts of books. She was quizzing me on the First World War, based on some stuff she found in her Horrible Histories Collection and I just realized that I hardly know anything about the war. This is what happens when you don’t really pick up much in History when you were in school. I guess I will have to read a book based on the First World War, to prompt me to go and research it 🙂

So what have you guys been reading? If you guys are on Goodreads, please join me there, I love finding out new books from everybody’s updates! I absolutely love Goodreads. I know I have said that before, but I can’t say it enough.

And how was your weekend? Did you get to do something exciting?

17 thoughts on “Day 20: Randomness and Books

  1. One happy news I can share here is that I took my daughter to the Book fair and we bought some books home…certainly to fill in the idle times with reading power 😀

  2. How old is your daughter??? I have only just got my son to take an interest in reading and he loves Julia Donaldson books. I still feel it’s late but at least he is picking up books from the library.

  3. I’m still stuck on Kashmir Shawl, Smits. Its a lovely book, but you knw how slow I am at finishing books. I’ll soon be starting And the Mountains Echoed.
    Kunju loved Horrible Histories? Thats wonderful! Namnu has just started reading Harry Potter. And recently got hooked on to Horrid Henry shows. She wants me to buy her the book series as well 🙂

    • Kunju used to read a lot of horrid Henry too. She’s now into Harry Potter and horrible histories. Kashmir Shawl, I haven’t read,,Deeps, nor have I read When the mountains echoed. Have to. On my list 🙂

  4. Hope Monday turned out just fine Smithu? I hardly get any reading done at all… But I love Horrible Histories. I have one book on villains and one on pirates. The villains one was too graphic in description, so do keep a look out on which ones she is reading.

    There’s a series on science too, I think. I had picked one on Disgusting Digestion and it was hilariously informative 😀

    • Oh we have the whole series of Horrible Histories as well as horrible Science 🙂 Daughter LOVES them! I just told her that you enjoy them as well, and I think she thinks you are rather cool 🙂

  5. I need to get my hands on the Horrible Histories and Sunday Philosophy Club!
    I totally heart Alexander McCall Smith!
    Some of the books are not that great.. but I love most of his works! 🙂

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