Day 16: You want to kick yourself when…

.. you wake up in the morning realizing that you forgot to hang some clothes to dry, and amongst those are the ones you planned to wear today

.. lost in your thoughts, you take the wrong exit at a roundabout, and then end up having to travel a full extra 4 miles to get back to your original route, which was only 2.5 miles in total. And this is the route we take every single day. Argh! Thank god though, it was on the way back home rather than on the way to work.

.. you reach half way to work only to realize that you have forgotten your id tag back at home. It makes things worse, when you are new to the place, and certainly don’t want to come across as an absent minded idiot.

.. you realize after you get home that you have run out of provisions.

.. lost in work, you forget to grab lunch and when you remember, it’s too late to go get something because you are 5 minutes away from your next meeting. Of course, the headache that came free with it, hopefully will ensure that I never forget it again. Hopefully.

25 thoughts on “Day 16: You want to kick yourself when…

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  2. Wow, that was quite a day you had right there, and like the earlier comment, you can take peace in the fact that the weekend is just a day away. Looks like you need the break desperately 😀

  3. Don’t skip lunchhhhhh! (yes, I squealed that line in my highest pitch)

    Absent-minded is cute, to observers and post readers 😀

    Hope you remember the exit & tag & clothes & lunch!!!

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