Book Review: A Last Kiss for Mummy: A teenage mum, a tiny infant, a desperate decision

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Any Excuse To Read


Casey Watson is a foster carer. She had been caring for several foster children over the years, when she and her husband get handed a new challenge. Caring for a teenage mother, Emma and her three week-old baby, Roman. Casey and Mike took it up, and it took them on an unforgettable journey of emotions and experiences.

Fourteen year old Emma is just a child herself, and is in the position of having to look after her baby and look after him well enough to convince social services that she is capable of looking after her baby. Emma’s own mother is an alcoholic and Emma has been in and out of care throughout her life. Emma’s mother threw her out of the house when she got to know that Emma was pregnant. Emma, at fourteen, a mother already stood the chance of repeating her mum’s mistakes. Now her baby, Roman…

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