Day 12: Notes to self -1

Do not leave the books you read, around the house.Or atleast have answers ready if someone picks it up and interrogates you about it.

Unknown to me, Daughter picked up the book I am currently reading -‘ A Last Kiss for Mummy’. The blurb says,’ A teenage mum, a tiny infant, a terrible choice’.

She came running to me, ‘ Have you read this book?

Me, ‘No’.

Daughter, ‘ It says here, ‘a teenage mum! How is that possible? I thought you had to be a grown up to become a mum?’

Me, fumbling for words, ‘Err, yes, well technically teenagers could become mums, but it’s not a good thing, is it? Because they are children themselves, aren’t they?’

Daughter,’ They are not children, they are teenagers, it’s different, you know. But is there a magic potion( after effects of too much Harry Potter, I think), to stop teenagers from becoming mums?

Me,’ Well, there might be, actually, but lets discuss that some other time, shall we, when you are a little older?’

Daughter,’ Alright, maybe if you read the book, you will know what happened? You haven’t finished reading the book, have you?’

Me, ‘ No, I haven’t’

Daughter, attention back to other innocuous things, ‘ Tell me, can you remember Dumbledore’s full name, his whole name, not just Albus Dumbledore’.

12 thoughts on “Day 12: Notes to self -1

  1. Lol! I had to laugh more at her tangent in the end…seems like Harry Potter has made a big impact on her. If you don’t want to answer any future awkward questions, I think using Harry Potter as a diversion would work magnificently! πŸ™‚

  2. Tee hee! You must have sighed out of relief after you heard the last question! Use that for future awkward questions Smithu!
    Poohi is a smart and sensible girl. Ummas to her :*

  3. Lol… Yeah I love how kids jump from one topic to the next seamlessly while we adults are still reeling from the impact of one question. She ‘s a dear.

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