Day 2: The Day that Just wouldn’t go right

Some days are all crazy. Nothing goes as per schedule or the way you would have wanted it to go. Take New Year’s Eve for instance.

I had work and took the bus instead of the car, as husband and daughter at home need it more than I do. So I timed myself perfectly, reached the bus stop well in advance, and waited. I was on time, actually before time, because I just had to get myself ready! I am definitely going to miss this luxury when school restarts and husband goes back to work. Sigh!

So I waited and waited and waited. No sign of the bus. Husband had said he would drop me off, but I didn’t want to drag both of them out of the warmth inside the house(see, how nice I am πŸ˜‰ ), and decided to walk to the next bus stop instead. Which isn’t too far away,anyway, just half a mile away and I could use the exercise. So I walked, got the bus, and reached work. Still on time, but not exactly on the schedule I had planned for myself.

Work went fine, thankfully, but I did manage to get delayed for lunch. It was after 1:00 that I managed to step out to grab some lunch. I had a spot of shopping to do as well, so I ran, picked up what I needed to, and ran back to the sandwich shop from where I planned to pick up lunch. By then, I tummy was rumbling so loudly that I could scare off kids. Turns out, I was not the only one hungry, there was a long queue, and all of them seemed to be buying soup, which was what I was after as well. It was a cold, cold day. Warm soup, seemed just what I needed. Thankfully, by the time I reached the counter, the soup hadn’t run out(which was what I was worried about). The girl at the counter, got a pot of soup for me and promptly managed to drop it on her colleague. I was just grateful that it didn’t land on me. Anyway, while I stood there, hungry, tummy rumbling, they had to clean up before serving me again. Finally, after what seemed to be a long, long wait, she handed me the soup, and I handed her the money. She gave me the some change and disappeared. Looking down at the change, I realized that she had not given me the entire change. But she had disappeared and everybody else was too busy to even glance at me. Finally, I managed to catch the attention of someone, and she did get the cashier to give me my change, but, let me tell you, on a hungry tummy, it did feel most annoying.

In the evening, we had planned to go to a neighbouring town to celebrate with friends to usher in 2014. Of course, that meant that I had to rush back from work, to get ready and leave on time. With my luck, I did manage to have to walk again, in the cold, again. By the time I reached home, I was frozen. By then the prospect of going out for dinner, New Year’s eve or not, did not feel so appealing. Husband and daughter were all geared up, of course, fresh after a day at home. They had even had a nap at afternoon, Husband happily, while daughter had to be forced into taking a nap, as a pre-condition for the dinner with friends. We planned to stay there until midnight, which is way, way past her bed-time, so she needed her sleep.

So I was the only tired one. But I still had the enthusiasm. So we all got dressed and left, an hour later than planned, but I guess that was alright, there’s only so much we could do.

We landed there on time, our friends were already there, and the spread looked yummy. It was too. It was a buffet, and they had a lot of variety. We tucked in, chatting away, had a good time. But by the time it was 10ish, I could feel my eyes closing. I could sleep at that table. It was still 2 hours before midnight. How on earth would I last the night. The entertainment for the night had started. It was noisy and did little to entertain me. It just meant that we had to shout loud to be heard over the music. Suddenly I noticed husband trying to catch my attention, and asking, ‘Shall we leave?’. ‘Of course!’. Just what I wanted to hear. I have never been so happy before. So we all left. The big entertainment, the noise and everything was just not for us. It was such a relief to get into the car and drive home. Turns out that Husband was counting minutes too.

We celebrated the New Year on the motorway, in the car, with daughter fast asleep in the back. It was not what we planned, but it was peaceful, quite and just perfect. Far more perfect than ushering in the new year in the middle of noise and chaos. Who would’ve thought that a day that went wrong in every way, would finally work out in a way that just seemed right.

And I guess one thing we have learnt is that we are happier having parties at home rather go out. Guess, it’s just not right for us anymore.



31 thoughts on “Day 2: The Day that Just wouldn’t go right

  1. hahahha! Poor you, guess you ended 2013 with a bang eh? :):)

    I think even I have concluded that…staying at home and snuggling under a blanket is the best way to get in the new year…we are definitely growing older no?

    Hope you have a super duper new year πŸ™‚

    • We haven’t done this in years. We are normally home or we spend it with friends at home or someone’s home. This time, it was a totally wrong decision. Learnings, I guess

  2. Some days are just not meant at going right! Hugs, Smitha!

    I hate noise, so do my kids and thankfully, the husband doesn’t force us to sign up for any of these loud-music-filled-DJ-disco-and-all-that. So, it is always a peaceful under-the-quilt new year for us! And, we love it that way! πŸ™‚

    • Daughter didn’t care. She had her friend, and they were in a world of their own. And husband and I had forgotten how bad it could be. We never do this, normally
      Lesson learnt I guess:) Welcome here, Maya.

  3. I am not too much for going out till midnight, but I do enjoy a meal and maybe meeting up at a friend’s place and chatting up till new year.
    That is what I believe would be a perfect new year eve, but I just stayed at home and read and slept off at 11am. Not good! 😦

    • ‘but I do enjoy a meal and maybe meeting up at a friend’s place and chatting up till new year.’ – Yes, that is what I would have loved to do too πŸ™‚

  4. Wow, that was quite a day that you had, but as the saying goes, all is well that ends well, and you probably had the best way to finally usher in 2014, didn’t you πŸ˜€

  5. Quite a happening day for you πŸ™‚
    Till last I use to go for New Year party, be it outside or at fren’s home. but this year I was at home. With two kids, going out seems more tough option..

  6. All’s well that ends happy! True, spending a quiet new year is so much better than amidst noise (we are becoming oldddddddd Smithu! πŸ˜₯ )

    Poohi kutty fell asleep eh? Hope you got some rest later too!

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