Musings on a Sunday evening

I’ve come to realize that I am a complete people’s person. Being around people gives me such a high.

We had friends over today. I was completely knackered by 12 in the afternoon, an hour before everybody was supposed to arrive. Exhausted, after all the cooking, cleaning and getting everything ready for lunch. All I wanted was to sleep. I was wondering what made me plan this. If only I could just sleep and forget all about the party!

Now, at 8 in the evening, I am completely energised,  revved up. I don’t know where the time went. We talked, laughed, ate and had the best of times. The fun of meeting friends, I have to say is the best! I can’t have enough of it. All my exhaustion vanished as soon as people started to arrive. And now after they all have left, instead of being tired, I am up for more.  The house all cleaned up, tidied and here I am, relaxing with a book, bliss. We should certainly do this more often.

Even the prospect of work tomorrow morning isn’t daunting me.  Makes me wonder though, is it me or is it all the cake I ate?


22 thoughts on “Musings on a Sunday evening

  1. same here Smitha.. Had my friend’s family over for the weekend and my heart was filled with happiness that cannot be explained.. This is another thing I loved at India, talking to friends and meeting them often. It gives such a high!! Talking to friends even acts as the best healer to me..

    • I think we used to have more get-togethers and parties here than in india. I guess I wasn’t there long enough to meet as many people as I wanted to. But yes, meeting friends is so much fun!

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