If I tweeted about my daily life…

..it would go like this. Or atleast life on a weekend.

– People start partying on Friday night’s and here I am ferrying daughter to dance classes

– Dance lessons have unexpected fringe benefits, I get to finish my book in peace.

– Peaceful Saturday mornings spent browsing in the library. Bliss!

– Peaceful Saturday turns busy as we rake autumn leaves in the garden.

– Saturdays nights are  best enjoyed with a takeaway from Nandos. Finger-licking delicious!

– Relaxed Sundays go for a toss as we rush out for daughter’s keyboard lessons.

– Shops all completely decked up, Christmas is nearly here, and husband is going crazy shopping like there’s no tomorrow.

– Nothing makes me happier than to see daughter pick a book when given a choice between a book and a fancy dress!

– Indian store shopping, and it’s almost impossible to get husband out of the shop.

-Yummy Dhoklas, Khandvis, Mirchi Bhajjis.. if I continue to eat like this….

– Evening spent surrounded by flour, sugar, butter, eggs, chocolate and cream! Yes, I’m baking!

– Made some chocolate profiteroles, and they turned out yummy! Daughter haa certified me ‘the best baker she knows’.

– Exhausted, tired but happy with a packed but fun weekend. Watching recorded episodes of Citizen Khan as a fitting end to the weekend.

So that was my weekend, how was yours?


29 thoughts on “If I tweeted about my daily life…

  1. Indeed a busy weekend. Mine was definitely much like this with dance classes replaced by abacus classes, baking replaced by washing and so on. But yes, glad that I too had a weekend after all. 😉

    • I didn’t take proper pics 😦 It was sunday night madness, and by the time it all got done, we just gobbled it all up. I’ve got some frozen away, I will take pics when I fill and top them the next time 🙂

  2. Sounds like a great weekend.. Classes, library, Shopping, baking… Nicely rounded off. Looking forward to pictures of the baking.

    • It was a great weekend. I didn’t take pics properly. It was a last minute, Sunday evening thing, and I just about had time to get it all together when we polished it all off 🙂

    • 🙂 Yes, husband likes shopping, not always, but when he is in the mood, there is no stopping him 🙂 Daughter and I were the ones who got a little bored, Daughter HATES shopping 🙂

  3. Sounds great!

    How was last weekend for me? The whole of Saturday, I wanted to go out, but couldn’t go anywhere – not even to the neighbourhood grocery shop – thanks to the rain and biting cold due to the cyclone-like depression over Tamil Nadu. The OH was working. I think it was the most boring day ever of my life. 😦

    Sunday was great! 😀 Went to the BUll Temple and Dodda Ganesha temple in Basavanagudi, soaked in the old-world charm, skipped lunch and had awesome chaats in roadside stalls, bought a couple of earrings off the street and came back to Amma’s home-cooked food in the night. 🙂 Of course, took loads of pics too.

  4. Happening weekend, huh! 🙂 🙂

    Know what, I baked the second batch of pastries last night and stuffed them with some left over mix-veg curry and mayo! Heee! They were yum! 😀

  5. Wow.. that is a super busy weekend. But I like the idea of dance classes serving up peaceful book reading time. Never thought of it that way! I should find something for my daughter.. maybe a saturday thing.

  6. Sounds busy and nice! 🙂

    My weekend was spent at home – both K and I fell sick!
    I’m better now 🙂
    So, I’m off to the library !! 😀

  7. I missed this post!!!! Somnehow because of the whatsapp group I feel I already know whats happening in eachothers life so somehow yeh miss bhi ho jaaye to suna hua lagta hai 😀

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