The Worrier in me

I had talked about daughter becoming a worrier, some time back. What I had failed to mention is that I am a worrier too.

I obsess about stuff,I worry, sometimes lay awake at night, worrying. Sometimes, I manage to convince myself that it is of no use, sometimes, I can’t but let things fester in my head. Sometimes, they are such silly stuff that people would burst out laughing, if they heard some of my worries. At that point in time, though, they are huge in my head. Of course, later, I might just curse myself for worrying so much.

Sometimes truly worrying stuff comes up, and that’s when I realize how petty my usual worries are. And yet, the cycle continues… Little things that eat me. While I’m not a negative person, normally, but when I am in my worrying mode, everything feels bleak and grey, and sometimes, I struggle with it. I wake up tired, because my brain has been at it, even while I was sleeping. And that can be so maddening.

Why am I writing this, just because… Some little thing is niggling away at me, and I think I need to remember the bigger picture..the things that really matter, and that tomorrow, this would be the least of my worries.. Hopefully.


45 thoughts on “The Worrier in me

  1. I am a big time worrier, I worry about a volcano errupting in Mumbai to the local trains being really late that I dont reach by 8 to pick up R on time in daycare. I worry about the world ending in 2012 (it didnt!) and I worry that in 2014, I wont be able to lose 10 there, I worry worry worry and worry some more!

  2. Hugs Smits! I know the feeling. All I would say is, try to keep your mind positive, engage yourself in something, and as you yourself said, look at the bigger picture. I hope you do feel better and happier πŸ™‚

  3. My mom’s a lot like this. So I can kind of understand where you are coming from. And yes. I know that no matter how much I tell her to stop worrying, she won’t. Coz she just can’t I guess. But as Saks said up there worrying makes you physically weak. Saps all your energy. Seen it happen with mom. Over time it becomes a recurring problem. I guess meditation, breathing exercies and yoga help to a certain extent. ((((((hugs))))))

    I belong more to the sleeps like a baby kind of variety. Earthquakes or hurricanes nothing really disturbs my sleep. Worries are for morning after wakey wakey.:)

  4. This is so weird…I hand’t been getting your updates on Feedly! Gah! Anyway, welcome to worriers’ anonymous. I hear you loud and clear! I’m a big worrier too. Mindfulness is a good strategy for worry especially about those things that are out of our control. Or therapy. Which is something else I’ve been doing.

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