Just because

Sometimes you just need a random thing to trigger a blog post. At other times, all the randomness, all the blog post fodder refuses to translate into a post.

I know, I know, I must have committed all the possible cardinal sins of blogging by not posting, not replying to comments… But then if I had to blog on a schedule or just because that’s what made a good/serious blogger, I would have stopped, long back. It is that comfort factor of being able to come back here, when I want to, that has made blogging so much fun. That and the wonderful friends I have made here.

So what made me want to write here after a break, nothing big, but just random stuff. Like the joy of finding a good library near where we live. I knew of one library near where we live. It was tiny, and a bit poky. And the selection of books weren’t the greatest. So I used to go all the way to town to the central library, which is quite good. I knew there was another library close by, but never went there, thinking that it would be the same as the other branch. Today, I had an overdue book, one which I couldn’t renew so decided to drop it off at this library. It took me 2 mins to drive and find a parking, and when I entered the library, it was such a welcoming feeling. Nice and airy(how shallow am I!)and I found some interesting books as well! I can’t tell you how delighted I am! It saves me trips to the town centre, just for the library. I can even walk here, if I choose to!

And it made me so happy and excited, that I even felt like writing a post:)


25 thoughts on “Just because

  1. Ah i second your thoughts…..

    We have good library here since i changed my job i am not getting much time to go there nor finding time to read..which ever book i get it’s getting over due and i had to rush to the library to drop the book which i read half…:(

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