Crazy things that I do.

I’m sure all of us so crazy things, but some of us, a little more than most:)

Here are mine

– Walking into an enclosed area, holding my umbrella and walking on for five minutes before realizing why people have been giving me funny looks!

– Wearing two completely different shoes and realizing only after reaching the destination.

– Managing to burn a perfectly easy-to-make mushroom curry. I also end up messing up the simplest of recipes. Don’t ask me how, though. I’m not even consistent enough, in messing up. Sometimes, I can turn up a delicious dish and have no clue how I pulled it off.

– Waking up at 6, no matter what day it is. I wish sometimes that I could sleep in, not wake up at the crack of dawn. But I do, no matter how late I sleep at night. It gets annoying, sometimes.

– I forget what I was about to say, I don’t make lists, so sometimes end up in a grocery store, completely clueless, as to what I wanted. And sometimes, knowing that I would forget, would make a list, and then forget to check that list while I’m out shopping.

– What ever else I might do or might not do, I have to read. No two ways about that. So if you see a lady reading instead of chatting at a dance class or some other children’s activity, that might quite be me:)

– I read all the movie reviews but rarely watch them.

So that is it. The last post in the Festival of Words. It was great fun taking part, I read new blogs, some funny, some profound, some that I will keep revisiting. The only negative thing about taking part in challenges of this sort is that I get very little time to read. So I’m off to read, and lie low for a bit. See you around soon.

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 1st – 7th September 2013. Hop over to see more Day 7 posts.

Write Tribe

31 thoughts on “Crazy things that I do.

  1. I always walk in an enclosed area with an open umbrella but when people give me funny looks I smile at them. I do not read reviews but do watch some of them. nice reading your crazy doings.

  2. Wake up at crack of dawn? You are my father’s ideal daughter he didn’t have 😛 😛 I am amazed by this point alone, I am almost not even remembering others! Six really? :O :O


  3. Oh this made me laugh. We are a lot a like. It was because of walking into the store without a list clueless that I started making a list and don’t enter a store anymore without one.

  4. You wake up at 6am every day? Like, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. omg!! 😯
    But I guess 3-4 years from now I will be in the same boat!

    But yea, I agree…. once you get into a pattern of waking up early it becomes difficult to get up later. I can sleep for maximum till an hour later than my usual time, and that too if I sleep late the previous day. Problem is, these days my work makes me sleep very late…. so the morning routine becomes a killer. 😦

    You might burn mushroom curry but you bake the awesome-est cakes ever! 😀 And this I say even without tasting any! 🙂

    I make to-do lists ALL the time. I keep reminders on my phone. Coz I know once I have that reminder in place, my mind is free to wander where it wants to. I can be absent minded about it.

  5. I am quite crazy too. From your list of 7, I am guilty of reading and waking early on holidays! 😀
    I can imagine the feeling of wearing 2 different shoes! I once wore a T-Shirt, inside out!

  6. LOL!! I haven’t done the two different shoes thing but I have driven almost to my office in chappals. Burning dinner and forgetting why I went to the store are commonplace for me!! 😀

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