Bird Watching

It all began when I was browsing on Amazon and came across bird feeders. I read reviews of people who said, ‘Just install this and see the wild birds flock to your garden!’. Now that sounded just wonderful! What fun it would be!

So I ordered it right away. Actually, I wasn’t so impulsive, I browsed around a bit, and then found one in a little store in the town centre, cheaper than at Amazon! So I dragged Husband to the town centre(I needed the car to bring it back home, taking a taxi would have beaten the purpose of a good deal, no?), on the promise that I will set it up, he just needed to act like a chauffeur.

So I had it all set up and sorted as soon as we got home, and then the wait began. I would watch whenever I got the chance, in the hope of getting to see those wild birds flocking to the garden. Very soon, those hopes disappeared. I couldn’t spot a single bird, although I could see the nuts vanishing but never did I manage to catch a single bird eating it! Who was eating up the nuts? Was it this gutsy squirrel, who roamed around the garden?


To be fair to it, I never saw it close to the bird feeder, but you never know. I even delegated the watching job to husband and daughter, but they weren’t to be tempted, or bribed – I tried it all.

The waiting and watching continued. I emptied bags of nuts, into the feeder, only to see it disappearing with no sign of whose mouth it was disappearing into. Until one day, I saw her! A magpie pecking away at the nuts.P1180283

Soon I had given up waiting for all those exotic birds to come flocking to the garden. I still topped up the bird feed, but I didn’t do any more watching. I decided to satisfy myself with the pigeons and the magpies. They, were very frequent. They even fought for the bird feed at times. I could see the evidence of the fights, if I happened to miss it, the grass near the bird feeder would be littered with feathers. Only feathers, thank god, I don’t think I have it in me to clear up anything more gory.

Then, one morning, out of nowhere, I came down for my morning cup of coffee, and glanced out, to see this!

Edited to change the picture. This one is slightly better than the other one.


I had no idea what bird it is, but it was so cute! And different! At least it wasn’t a magpie or a pigeon! I just wish it were a clearer day. It was a really foggy day and had glass windows as an additional obstacle, so it wasn’t the clearest of pictures. But, it still made me happy. And also a little bit more hopeful. May be I might get lucky with those wild birds, after all? May be not, but nothing wrong with dreaming 🙂

PS: Since then, I did my research and I think it is a Blue Tit.

9 thoughts on “Bird Watching

  1. Aah… I wish I could keep some feed out for birds here too.. But I would have crows and pigeons alone fighting it out!

    That small one, the blue tit… looks too cute!

    • Funnily crows seem to keep away here:) But I think magpies are part of crow family, if I remember correctly. The last couple of days, something seems to be knocking the tray off and feeding off the nuts. I’m wondering how to capture it red handed.

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