The Generation Gap

Husband was telling Daughter that we didn’t have television while we were growing up.

Pat came the question, ‘So how did you watch the telly, on the phone? Or on YouTube?’

After we stopped laughing, we told her that at her age, we didn’t even have a phone in the house, asking her, ‘Can you imagine how tough it must have been to call our friends and relatives?’.

‘So did you communicate using emails?’

It is funny how Daughter finds it so difficult to even understand how different lives were while we were growing up. She couldn’t bring her head around the fact that so many things that she uses on an everyday basis, was not even part of our lives, when we were her age.

So much so, that she had to ask, ‘So, did you feel like you were living in the olden times?’

42 thoughts on “The Generation Gap

  1. Ummm yes, it was very olden times indeed 🙂 But golden times for sure. We had so much time to run around and spend time outside the house, make new friends, play with them, play different games. Why, even invent some. Listen to granny’s stories etc. Ah, now you opened a box of nostalgia.

  2. I do think about this generation gap myself many times. I had thought of it before regarding the circumstances my parents grew up in, and now I look at what my daughter is growing up with…

    I wonder how many years really can be termed a generation? 10 years?

    • I wonder! Things have been changing so quickly that even 10 years seem a long time. My cousins, the younger ones, seem to be in a generationnof their own! While me and me older cousins, even with a similar age gap seem to be more of the same generation…

  3. Oh.. Ha ha .. But that was so cute and innocent of her.. Yes.. Little does she know that there were hardly any phones during our college days.. And tv was something we hardly got to watch.. I can understand that she wont believe we stayed in such an ancient period according to her.. Nice post.. Keep writing..

    • Welcome here! I like your name 🙂
      I know! She finds it difficult to get her head around. She can’t imagine a life without all the technology that we are surrounded by.

    • ha ha! We all are! One time, she went on a field trip to a recreation of a Victorian place, and she came back and asked, ‘Was it the Victorian times when you were little?’

  4. So much has changed in the last 4 decades. But don’t we too are surprised when our grandparents tell us that their salary was 10 Rs a month. 🙂

  5. Haha.. I can picture her confused face. How different times really were.. I can’t imagine how my parents grew up with doordarshan being the only channel.

  6. Haha I so understand. I guess every generation goes through this…… of having explain to their kids that their time wasn’t THAT old and they had fun too! 🙂

    • I know! I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been for my parents to be so far away from theirs and have to rely on letters to communicate. Of course, the joy of receiving a long, detailed letter from a loved one, must have been unparalled, but still.

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