Food for the Soul

Done with her shopping, she glanced at her watch. 15 minutes till the next bus.

Can she make it in time?

She darted into the library, strode to the ‘Just Returned’ section with the practiced gait of a regular. There nestled books waiting to be picked up.

Aah, there were some interesting ones. Grabbed three and rushed to the issuing machine.

Job done with minutes to spare. Just in time for the bus, with theΒ comforting, satisfying weight of the books in her backpack. Books just waiting to be savored, waiting to get lost in. Pure bliss. Food for the soul.

100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe

25 thoughts on “Food for the Soul

  1. Its the same situation here except I try to get to library on saturdays before it closes for the week (to collect books ordered). Now, I’m going to look in the “returned books” section too! Btw, did you see “Playing by the book”‘s blog about the Julia Donaldson exhibition at the Birmingham Art museum? Is your daughter too old for it? I’m hoping to go there before it ends (Nov.).

  2. A good book is definitely food for the soul. Curled up in a comfy sofa on a rainy day, sipping a cup of chai and reading a good book is bliss.
    Dropping by from 100words

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