Hair Woes

I’m sure most of us would have had some bad hair days.

Some like me, might know about having bad hair seasons. Yup, you heard right. A bad hair season is the time between a bas haircut and the next haircut which could set things right. And if you are unlucky enough to not get a hairdresser who can sort it put for you, you get two seasons of bad hair!

Most of the time, when I go for a haircut, I come out delighted. The hairdresser would have tamed my hair into something wonderful. I would be able to twirl around and feel rather glamorous, in my mind, of course. Of course,it never stays that way for long, but at least the day I go to the hairdressers, I feel rather good.

In May, just after we reached here from India, I was in desperate need of a haircut. I had planned to come all spruced up from India, but that never happened, what with the madness that the last few weeks in India was. So desperate, I tried my luck at a hairdresser’s nearby. I explained what I wanted,  nothing complicated, she just needed to follow the shape, and give me a trim. She clearly followed some other shape, and by the time she had dried and set it, I was close to tears. I can’t even begin to describe how bad it was.

I hated it. Absolutely hated it, and to make it worse, there was nothing I could do, apart from waiting for it to grow out before getting it all sorted. This time, however, I’m not taking any chances, I’m going to go only by references.

While I wait for my hair to grow, I have to find ways of keeping it tidy, which is no easy task. This holiday, it has taken messy to new heights. Of course, the wonderfully wet and windy weather has been a great ally to my messy hair. It has given new meanings to having a bad hair day. I suspect that I’m going to have to edit me out of the holiday pictures.

How bad it really was, I realized just this morning. Husband mentioned something about my hair! Now, husband at the best of times will only say, ‘Fine’, if I ask him if I look alright. At max, he might agree that I do look fat, but that would be the extent of it. Most of it would be said without even a cursory glance at me.

This morning, he says, ‘Why don’t you try straightening you hair, I’ll help you, if want me to’. Completely unprompted. Bad hair season has just got upgraded to a hair emergency!

23 thoughts on “Hair Woes

  1. I have just got over with mine….last time I asked the lady to do something different yet does not play with my length, she made it short from the front, I hated it….and had to invest a lot in hairbands and clips to fix it for whole 2.5 months, till it was time for the next cut. This time I asked anyone but the same lady and preferably male hairdresser ( they are best in all my experience). He did a decent job in covering up the mistake of last time but I guess I have to wait for yet another session to get it to my liking…

    And yes husbands noticing it and suggesting remedy means some drastic actions needs to be taken.

  2. Oh my!! That statement form hubby surely sounds that there is a hair emergency at your end!! I can empathize with you!! Have experienced a bad hair cut and had to bear it for 2 months!!

  3. Oho… You might want to carry a cap or hat or something with your all the time. May be try out a scarf or bandanna. Or actually straighten it out to see if it can look tamed. Sorry for your bad haircut. I know how much it can piss you off. Hugs. Kudos to the hubby though to have offered to help. Mine would’ve never done that even if I looked like hell.

  4. Nothing ruins your day (and your week and your months, for the matter) like a bad hair cut does. So I am super extra careful regarding my hair styling, especially since I have very frizzy hair it is easy to look like scare crow 😛
    I understand your pain. Hugs! Hope it grows back soon. Until then try wearing scarves/hats etc. Those will definitely work in the U.K.

  5. I got reminded of an episode of FRIENDS in which Monica’s hair goes haywire due to humidity..hugs hugs hugs…..we all have the messy hair syndrome..mine has lasted a lifetime now 🙂

  6. oh dear!! Hugs Smithus!!
    I know what you mean.. My last haircut was pretty mediocre and I hated it!!
    I like my new cut – its just right and not too lengthy!

    I hope you fix your hair… why not go back to a recommended salon and get them to fix it for you?

  7. Thanks guys, reading your comments make me glad that I’m not totally alone in my bad hair situation.

    Will be getting it redone as soon as it is long enough to be chopped off again:) Until then, straightening it, does seem to work to make it look a wee but more tamed:)

  8. I know what u saying! When our otherwise absentminded husbands take sudden notice, it means drastic measured hv to be taken 😦

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