Just for the sake of recording things.

I don’t write too much about Daughter these days. I guess the fact that she is older and far more independent helps, plus the fact that I don’t want this place to be about me being a gushing mommy.

But some things need to be recorded. Like the way she has been a super trooper this last year. I have always said that the only reason I was able to do all the relocating and the re-relocating was because Daughter was such a star. The first two weeks in India was manic. And she was right there, patiently reading a book while I sorted out the plans for the new kitchen or helped me select sofas by trying each one out, being a star even when she was tired. All that I needed to do was bribe her with some books. At the end of long days, we would stop at Landmark and pick up books. That would be enough to keep her spirits high.

The whole time in India, wasn’t easy on her. She was missing her dad, and yet she did not act up as much as she could have. Just as we got settled in, plans changed and we had to move back. For her, moving back was more fun, she was going to be back with her dad, and in a lot of ways, she missed the UK. I realized how much only when we got back here.

Coming back here, going to a new school, making new friends, she did it all. Before we knew it, she was settled in, happy. I was worried about how she would cope up because the syllabus here is much more vast, but she did fine. The teachers and the school were great, and she did fine.

Yesterday was the last day of school for her. This school is only until Year 2. Next year they will transfer into another school. It made me wonder how she would manage, after all she has changed 3 schools in 14 months. This change, of course, is the easiest because quite a few of her classmates would going to the same school with her and she is excited and looking forward to it.

Sometimes, I would wonder if all our shifting around would have had a negative impact on her, but thankfully she seems quite alright for it. Yes, she doesn’t have close friends who she has known since she was a toddler or anything, but she has learnt that she can make new friends. If anything, I’m hoping that it just gave her an experience to cherish and learn from. One of the things I have realized is that children are truly resilient.

One of the things that I worry about is the peer pressure. Although there is nothing much we can do, apart from helping her be secure and confident. Slowly, I can see influences creeping in. Daughter and her friends discuss more than Disney movies, for instance. These days they seem to discuss Simon Cowell and 1 Direction. And the other day,while watching Despicable Me 2, there was this scene in which a teenage girl is falling in love with a boy, and she turns to me and giggles and says,’ She’s falling in love, Amma!’. And this from a child who watches only age appropriate stuff!

The other day, she went to a birthday party where they discussed what each of them wanted to be when they grew up. Apparently, all the other girls wanted to be dancers and singers. So I asked her about what she said. Apparently, she stuck to what she wants to be a ‘Dinosaur Scientist'(her own words, and what she wants to be, at the moment), and apparently they others gasped. She went on to tell me that some of the girls ‘changed’ what they wanted to be, just because they wanted to say the same things as their friends. ‘But that shouldn’t matter, should it, Amma?’ She asked, ‘ We should say what we really want to be, not what our friends say!’.

That, I have to say, certainly made me happy. Fingers crossed, she will remain this way. Knowing her mind and confident in her choices.

34 thoughts on “Just for the sake of recording things.

  1. Oh what a wonderful girl she is? So so proud of her..

    Yes, we often worry kids wont adjust, but usually they are the fastest to adjust..in Poohi’s case its been a LOT of adjustments…I was worried for her when you shifted back, but so happy to hear she has settled in well 🙂

    Dinosaur scientist eh? Awesome 🙂

  2. Wow…lil girl is so confident and happy about her choices..thats so good and definitely proud moment for mumma.. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS to Poohi}}}}}}}}}}}} 🙂

  3. She is truly a star to have taken so many changes in her stride. it cannot have been easy. I love what she aid about not changing what one wants to be just because friends say something else!

  4. They do surprise us don’t they? Sometimes I think we over obsess about our kids. They know when we are super busy and stressed out and they become our resilient silent supporter.

    Dinosaur scientist is so awesome! 🙂

  5. Chucky went through similar challenges with our constant movings, I was surprised to see she got adjusted faster than us.

    Poohi is a sweetheart , I live her attitude to stick to her dreams and expressing the same. She loves books isn’t it ?

  6. She has been an absolute trooper, no two words there! Hats off to her! 🙂
    Sigh… she is growing too fast isn’t she? So glad to know she settled down so well…
    “Dinosaur scientist” eh? 😀 Can’t wait to see how much that changes over time!

  7. she is growing up to be such a beautiful little girl!! 🙂
    Hugs and lots of muahs to Poohi kutty for being such a star! 🙂

  8. ‘But that shouldn’t matter, should it, Amma?’ She asked, ‘ We should say what we really want to be, not what our friends say!’.

    That, I have to say, certainly made me happy. Fingers crossed, she will remain this way. Knowing her mind and confident in her choices.


  9. Oh Smitha, how much we underestimate them, they really are such champions, aren’t they? A big bear hug !
    As for peer pressure, it can come in all possible manners, how much ever we try to avoid it. There was this friend’s kid who stayed with us for a couple of days, I wouldn’t blame him for the way behaves . After a day with him, we could see some subtle changes in the way ours kids started behaving, it is unbelievable how they can pick up things so fast. Having said that, I think good sense prevails in the end, what is fed into their unconsciously and how their own parents are would have a much far reaching influence , I am sure.
    My niece wants to be a ‘dinosaur scientist’ too. She is 10 now and has not wavered for the past 4 years 🙂 I did a research for her and apparently there are less than 100 such people across the world today. Maybe the two of them can keep company 😀

  10. “One of the things I have realized is that children are truly resilient.” They so are, Smits.. far more than us, I feel sometimes!

    She truly is a star! A smart and wise one at that. God bless her 🙂

    Hugs and kisses to her. I’m sure she will take to the new school just as wonderfully well as she has till now to her previous schools. Good luck to her!

    • I know Deeps, they truly are.

      I’m hoping that she will be fine. This time, it should be easier on her. She knows the place, she has some of her friends with her… Fingers crossed.

  11. I am going through a similar phase Smita and am anxious whether it would be a good decision to shift in mid session.I hope my daughters take it as well as yours did.I am your newest follower.Good luck to both of you.

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