The Signs of a Great Weekend..

.. when you wake up tired and need a Monday to get some rest

– when you’ve eaten and eaten and all your favourite foods too.

– when you’ve watched two movies( that’s a lot for the likes of me:) )

– when you’ve lugged a sack of books home, can’t wait to start reading them.

– when you know that the weekend was just a prequel, we are just days away from a three week holiday!

It has to be the best weekend, when even the food you make turns out unexpectedly delicious:)

PS: I haven’t bee replying to comments or blog hopping much, its been a busy week. Will get down to it soon, hopefully.

18 thoughts on “The Signs of a Great Weekend..

    • We are off on a laid back, take it as it comes holiday in a few days time, so hopefully there will be more to come,but I had better not eat like I did, this weekend:)

  1. That sure sounds like an awesome weekend! 🙂 My own weekends have been pretty much laid-back, with nothing much really happening.

    Which movies? Which books?

    Three-day weekend? Gah! I’m jealous! 🙂

    • I wish:) Today is one of the times when I wish I were in India. I have a pile of ironing to do. I love ironing, but today the pile is scaring me:)

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