21 thoughts on “Haiku – Celebrating Summer

    • I’m no good at poetry either. I loved the ones I learnt at school. But that was because the teachers did such a fantastic job interpreting them:) Thanks:)

  1. That is a fantastic first attempt ! Creates a perfect imagery of a bright sunny day !
    I would love to see you do a Haiku on Rains !
    If I may suggest something.. how about using another word/phrase instead of using both sun and sunshine ?

    • I will give it a try, Ruchira! Let me try one on summer without sun and sunshine and one on the rains. Thank you so much for the feedback. Your tutorial was so good, that I gathered the courage to try.

  2. First attempt! this is a very nice one. The image of summer was loud and clear and yet a scene far away from me (monsoon over north india 😀 )


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