You know you have to lose weight…

– when all your old jeans refuse to fit. The ones that used to fit perfectly.

– when you get on the treadmill and are panting within minutes.

– when you realize that all the old stretches that you used to do easily,now, are a huge effort.

And worst of all, its summer and you bulge out in all the wrong places in summer clothes. And probably the only time, I’ve been thankful for British weather, which allows you jackets to hide tyres around your waist:)

24 thoughts on “You know you have to lose weight…

    • You haven’t seen a recent picture:) The last few weeks have been made up of cakes, desserts, risottos. In short, everything that has now settled on my body:)

  1. Maybe the clothes just shrunk?? 🙂

    Aim for a healthy lifestyle…I found that to be a huge motivator to losing weight and keeping it off while still eating naughty stuff occasionally. On the other hand, in the past when I’ve had weight loss as a goal, it’s not always worked because it’s easy to get de-motivated when the scales don’t change!

  2. You are talking about me and not you!
    I have put on weight too.. sigh! I put on easily around my tummy ! Thank you for telling me to get rid of it!

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