The Smallest Things

‘Rich doesn’t seem your style, Ellen. I was surprised when we met. Don’t you normally go in for more flamboyant men?Β  I mean, Rich is the sort of guy, you would normally steer clear of?’

‘Emma, he’s not the sort of person who I would normally go for, but he will make a wonderful husband.’

‘Yes. For someone else possibly, but for you?’

‘He’s rich’, said Ellen.

‘Yes, I have figured that his name is Rich’

‘No no, silly, he’s loaded!’

‘I cannot believe that we share the same set of parents! How can you be so mercenary? Don’t you realize that happiness is what matters, that money isn’t enough make you happy? You know, sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart!’

‘You know, sis, for a change,I agree with you. I was waiting until we meet Mum and Dad for this,but..’ Ellen fishes in her handbag and pulls put something.

A twinkling diamond engagement ring.

‘Small enough, my darling sis?’

Written as part of the Write Tribe Wednesday Prompts.

Write Tribe Prompt

29 thoughts on “The Smallest Things

  1. The small diamond ring is enough to fill her heart. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, as it is said so. But it is the sparkle of the loved one behind the diamond that matters the most.

    • Welcome here, Kalpana. Yes the love behind the ring is what should matter, but of course there are hearts which yearn more for the ring than the love.

  2. World is a mysterious place.. Sometimes the want for physical pleasures than intangible subtleness is a cry for feel and touch and to be self assured that there is a secure physical manifestation of love that wont change even if people do..I was judgemental the minute I read it..but a minute heart said this ..take care..thank you for sharing this story Smitha πŸ™‚

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