A Full Circle

This day last year. I do that a lot. Just a way of loiking back at stuff, I guess…

This day, last year, 26th of June 2012, was the day when we packed off our belongings, to India. We were in the middle of wrapping up our lives in the UK. Daughter and I were to go ahead, and move to Bangalore, because we didn’t want her to miss a lot of the school year there. Husband was supposed to join us later, but unexpectedly, there came up an opportunity for him to be in India for 6 weeks. That meant that he could come with us and keep visiting, while he was in India. And if we were lucky, he would be able to join us permanently soon.Too good to be true. And it was. That didn’t happen, at the very last minute, it got cancelled, and he had to stay back.

To cut a long story short, we moved to India and moved back, all in the span of a year. We just got our shipment from India. A full circle. Back where we started from. Not the same location, but back in the same country. How does it feel? Weird. But good weird. It was not in our fate, to be in India just yet, I guess. But it is nice here as well, back to being a family, back to everyday life like it was. Do I miss India. Of course! And hopefully, the next time we do this, we do it together, and stay there:)

Until then, I’m just glad that my shipment has brought me the things I was so missing. My grinder, I’ve had dosas after ages. And finally some of the curios that we had picked up, and kept safe, for when we live in Bangalore have seen the light of the day.


Isn’t this gorgeous? I love these Liliput lane cottages!

If there is anything this whole exercise has taught us, it is to live in the moment. To live fully. And not wait for the time to go back to India, and then do stuff. Even if it is silly stuff like putting up the curios we picked up.

38 thoughts on “A Full Circle

  1. Just like u our apartment in India is sitting empty while we are collecting little things from everywhere in the hope one day we can decorate our home….I don’t know when that day will come……so now days I have stopped keeping everything packed up and have started living in today……

  2. Such back and forth all in a year?! I would die….btw, love that house. Am always thinking twice before buying anything coz you never know when you have to pack your bags. 🙂

    • I used to buy, and initially, a lot of stuff, I had taken to Bangalore and kept in storage, or left at home with my parents. Now, we’ve brought it all back. And living in the present.

  3. Wow! Life has indeed come a full circle for you!

    Hope all of you get to stay in India together sometime, to your heart’s content. 🙂

    And, oh, LOVE the little cottage. I love pieces like this.

    • Fingers crossed, TGND! I should have shown you these pieces, when we met. They are such cute English houses. I think you would have loved them!

  4. A full circle indeed! So much seems to have happened in a span of one year for you. It’s great that you all are together now as a family. Best wishes again for the future to the three of you once again 🙂

    That cottage is beautiful!

  5. That house is super cute…eeps an year is it? Glad you are looking at it so positively, I would have just cribbed so much about it 🙂 you are awesome

  6. Happy anniversary then. 🙂 I hate packing and unpacking, if I were u I would have left everything there itself, that’s how lazy I am.
    I wrote a story witH the same title so was startled.

    • Yes, living in the moment, is certainly what we are doing at the moment. There is really no point living in the hope of something happening, one day.

  7. One whole year!! Really!? Time flies, doesn’t it? And we learn to live on.
    That beautiful cute cottage reminded me of snow white’s cottage in forest. You sent me straight to fairy tales 🙂

  8. what will be will be 🙂

    You took all right decisions, it is just the time which was not right 😀

    See I am talking like those gurus who write book on how to handle ur life 😉

    • 🙂 You sure are 🙂 Maybe you can take it up as an alternative profession and rake in the millions 🙂

      But you are right, it was probably the wrong time, hopefully, the next time we do it, it will be the right time 🙂

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